Which Character From Hocus Pocus Are You?

Hocus Pocus is one of the greatest Halloween films of all time! The question is, which iconic character from this spooky classic are you? It's time to find out. Take these 10 questions and discover which Hocus Pocus Character you're most like.

Question 1/10

What do you love most about fall?
Apple picking
Pumpkin carving
Haunted houses
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
Trick or treating

Question 2/10

What would your tombstone read?
"Fierce and fabulous"
"Here lies a virgin"
"Farewell my many lovers"
"I'll miss you all"
"You'll be seeing me soon"

Question 3/10

Which magical power would you most like to have?
Mind control
Eternal youth

Question 4/10

Which celebrity do you most want to suck the life out of?
Taylor Swift
Kim Kardashian
Miley Cyrus
Jennifer Lawrence

Question 5/10

Why do you go to Halloween parties?
To show off your costume
To find someone to love
To people watch
To get drunk
To laugh at people's costumes

Question 6/10

How old do you FEEL?
Like an adult
Like a kid
Like a teenager
Like I'm ancient

Question 7/10

How do people react when they first meet you?
They instantly fall in love with me
They tend to be very intimidated by me
They think I'm pretty nice
They think I'm a little weird
They think I'm a little overbearing

Question 8/10

How's your hair?
Long and luscious
A little brittle
Pretty standard
A permed nightmare

Question 9/10

What's the best part about Halloween?
The candy
The costumes
The spells
The monster mash
The tricks

Question 10/10

Which of these would you want most?
Eternal beauty
True love
World peace
The ability to control others
To get my sisters off my back
The Hocus Pocus character that you're most like is Winifred Sanderson! Much like Winifred, you have a wicked streak that others can't help but fear. You're smart, funny, and totally self involved. With a serious amount of cunning and a truly clever nature, you're as devious and mysterious as this famous character.

Winifred Sanderson

The Hocus Pocus character that you're most like is Sarah Sanderson! Much like Sarah, you are extremely flirtatious and enjoy "playing" with people, especially those of the opposite sex. You have a sadistic and sarcastic sense of humor, often going above and beyond in the name of humor. Though you are very family oriented and obedient, you tend to go your own way without direction.

Sarah Sanderson

The Hocus Pocus character that you're most like is Mary Sanderson! Much like Mary, you have a deeply caring nature when it comes to those you love. Though you aren't always as kind to strangers as you are to your family, it's clear that beneath your wicked layers there's a soft gooey center full of love!

Mary Sanderson

The Hocus Pocus character that you're most like is Max Dennison! Much like Max, you're an extremely caring and compassionate individual who simply wants whats best for those you love. You can be very protective of those you care for, even if it means putting your own life on the line!

Max Dennison

The Hocus Pocus character that you're most like is Dani Dennison! Much like Dani, you're a curious and adventurous soul who isn't afraid of taking a risk if you believe there is some reward involved. You're very compassionate and empathetic, caring more about the feelings of others than you're own. There's nothing you wouldn't do to help someone you love.

Dani Dennison