We Can Reveal Your Main Personality Type With Just 10 Questions!

That's right, we can reveal your main personality type with just 10 simple quiz questions! Are you ready to find out who you really are? The answer might just shock you!

Question 1/10

You're at the end of a very long line. What are you doing?
Chatting with the people around me
Tapping my foot impatiently
Cracking jokes
Texting a friend
Quietly flipping through a magazine

Question 2/10

Would you rather live alone or with another person?
I like to have someone there when I get home
I'd prefer to live alone.
I like my space, but I'd prefer to live with someone.

Question 3/10

Your spouse suggests a spontaneous trip. What do you do?
Start planning out every detail.
Let it be as spontaneous as possible!
Look up a few good restaurants and things to do.
Let life unfold as it may!
Pack snacks, organize, and get everything ready.

Question 4/10

What do you do with your mail?
I leave it on a pile to open in the future.
I immediately open it and toss out anything that's junk.
I open it and then let it pile up.
I typically lose my mail.
Read the magazines, throw out the junk mail.

Question 5/10

How tidy is your car?
My car is spotless inside and out.
My car is a trash bin on the inside.
My car is a little messy, but nothing serious.
My car is always neat, tidy, and full of emergency supplies.

Question 6/10

Choose an occupation:

Question 7/10

Do you make decisions with your head or your heart?
I make decisions with my head.
I make decisions with my heart.
It depends on the day.

Question 8/10

Which word describes you best?

Question 9/10

You’ve been introduced to a friend of a friend, you....
Become instant best friends
Share some good laughs
Plan a hang out
Respond with hesitation
Take some time to warm up to them

Question 10/10

What do you crave most?
Your main personality type is ISFJ, which means you're a very nurturing, quiet, kind, and conscientious person. You almost always put the needs of others before your own and tend to be very selfless. You value security and traditions, often fearing change and the unknown. With a rich inner life, you're just about as creative as they come.

ISFJ- The Nurturer

Your main personality type is INFJ, which means you're a natural born protector. Friends and family are everything to you. With an extreme sense of intuition and empathy, you can almost always tell what's on the mind of your friends and loved ones. You're quite a sensitive soul who tends to take things to heart. Despite this, you can demonstrate strength and resiliency whenever the moment calls for it.

INFJ - The Protector

Your main personality type is INTJ, which means you're a very determined and analytical individual! You have a strong sense of logic and a true knack for problem solving. You can easily turn any theories or ideas into reasonable plans of action. You value structure, vision, and ambition above all else!

INTJ - The Scientist

Your main personality type is ETSJ, which means you're very practical, traditional, and well organized! You love to participate in team activities and tend to take a very practical approach to relationships. You have a clear vision for the way things should be and tend to be stubborn in your ideals. You're an extremely loyal friend, partner, and child. You never turn your back on someone in need and always keep a promise.

ESTJ - The Guardian

Your main personality type is ENFP, which means you're an extremely creative and artistic person. You have amazing people skills and tend to be very open minded, flexible, and easy going. You have a wide range of activities and interests. You don't like to be pigeonholed and can easily grow bored if things become overly routine.

ENFP - The Inspirer