How Diplomatic Are You?

To be diplomatic, means to have the ability to avoid hurting or offending others. This skill is of the utmost important. Do you know how diplomatic you are? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
How do you handle a co-worker who consistently mispronounces your name?
I gently remind them how to pronounce my name
I start pronouncing their name wrong on purpose
I get irritated but say nothing
I confide in human resources

Question 2/10
You are shopping with your significant other when they try on a new pair of unflattering pants. They immediately exclaim that they love them and ask you what you think. What do you say?
I tell the truth
I sugarcoat the truth by pointing them in a different direction
I fudge the truth
I laugh and tell them they look terrible

Question 3/10
The waiter has just taken the orders of two people who came into the restaurant after you were seated. What do you do?
I patiently wait
I assume they're busy and enjoy the company of those around me
I complain to the restaurant owner
I make snarky asides to the waiter when he does come

Question 4/10
Your sister and mother are having an all out brawl on Christmas Eve. Do you intervene?
Absolutely, I calm them both down and get them to talk
I let them hash it out and talk to them after
I pick a side and start fighting
I chime in and get very involved

Question 5/10
What word do you believe others would use to describe you?

Question 6/10
As a child, what was your dream job?
Famous author

Question 7/10
Your teenage daughter wants to wear a scandalous outfit. You don't want to fight. How do you resolve the situation?
I gently remind her about self respect
Lie about how cold it is
Forbade her form leaving
Tell her you'd prefer if she changed
Offer to help her pick something new out

Question 8/10
What earth element are you most drawn to?

Question 9/10
A co-worker you find particularly unattractive asks you to go out for a drink after work. He or she is clearly interested in dating you. What do you do?
Feign a nasty headache
Tell them politely that you're not interested in dating anyone
Tell them you'd just like to be friends
Insult them

Question 10/10
What season were you born in?
You are delightfully diplomatic! You've mastered the art of being a diplomat. You know how to handle any situation that arises in a tender and appropriate way. As a diplomat, you always try your hardest to avoid offending others or engaging in conflict. In fact, you avoid such things at all costs.

Delightfully Diplomatic
You are decently diplomatic! While you are a true diplomat in almost every situation, there are moments in which your temper can get the best of you and leave you feeling a bit fiery. Good thing you know how to calm down, reevaluate, and stick to your diplomatic guns even in times of stress.

Decently Diplomatic
You are a diplomatic peacemaker! For you, life is all about keeping the peace. Whether you're mediating a family feud or referring a fight between two friends, you are the ultimate diplomat. You know how to diffuse just about any situation just by being a calm voice of reason.

Diplomatic Peacemaker
You are sort of diplomatic! For the most part, you always try to keep the peace and mediate conflict when it arises. However, there are times when you feel frustrated with bearing such responsibility. Sometimes you just want your friends and family to handle their conflicts on their own.

Sort of Diplomatic
You are not diplomatic! Okay, so you have diplomatic tendencies, and are an amazingly peaceful person, but you don't always implement your best qualities when their needed. As a shy person, the idea of diffusing conflict or playing peacemaker can seem a little stressful. You prefer to hang back and let things happen as they happen.

Not Diplomatic