What Percent Night Owl Are You?

If you're the type roaming the house all night, you might just be a night owl! The question is: what percent night owl are you actually? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10

Within 30 minutes of waking up, how tired do you feel?
Extremely tired
Very tired
Somewhat tired
Not tired at all

Question 2/10

If you didn't have to work, what time would you wake up every day?
7 AM
9 AM
10 AM
11 AM
Around noon

Question 3/10

What time do you like to go to bed at night?
9 PM
10 PM
11 PM
12 AM
1 AM or later

Question 4/10

What would you most like to do before bed?
Take a bath
Watch TV
Read a book
Drink at the bar
Play video games

Question 5/10

What's your go to midnight snack?
I don't do midnight snacks
Whatever's in the fridge
Ice cream
Chips or popcorn
Cookies or cake

Question 6/10

What's the latest you'll have a cup of coffee?
2 PM
4 PM
6 PM
7 PM
10 PM

Question 7/10

Choose a shift to work:

Question 8/10

What time of day do you workout?
I don't work out!

Question 9/10

Pick a breakfast food:
Eggs and bacon
Yogurt and fruit
Leftover pizza

Question 10/10

Do you typically sleep in on weekends?
Yes, I need to catch up on my sleep.
A little, but not too late.
No, I wake up at the same time daily.
Based on the results of this quiz, you are 100% night owl! To you, the night time is when you feel most alive and energized. You love to stay up late snacking, watching TV, surfing the web, or hanging out with friends. You simply can't fall asleep before 1 AM and you despite mornings the way some people despise eating their vegetables. You're simply a night owl through and through!

100% Night Owl

Based on the results of this quiz, you are 70% night owl! You're a night person through and through. While you'd love to stay up late watching TV or surfing the web, you've got a job that requires you to be up first thing in the morning. You've adapted to indulge in your night owl ways while keeping a busy schedule!

70% Night Owl

Based on the results of this quiz, you are 30% night owl! Most of the time, you're pretty much a morning person. You love to get up early, indulge in a big breakfast, and get things done. Despite this, sometimes you have night owl tendencies, which means a midnight snack and staying up late!

30% Night Owl

Based on the results of this quiz, you are 20% night owl! Let's be real, you're not much of a night owl whatsoever. While you might enjoy staying up late to hang out with friends or catch a show, most of the time you like to be in bed before 11. For you, nothing feels better than a solid 8 hours of sleep!

20% Night Owl

Based on the results of this quiz, you are 10% night owl! You pretty much hate staying up late and will do whatever it takes to avoid being awake past 12 am. Sure, this might mean turning down social invites and spending a lot of time with your pets, but you wouldn't have it any other way!

10% Night Owl