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What Should Be On Your Bucket List?

Everyone knows the ordinary things that should be on a bucket list but what about the stuff that really matters? Do you know what should be on your bucket list? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

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Are you a clean person or a messy person?
It depends on the day

Question 2/10

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How adventurous are you?
Is going to the grocery store an adventure?
I'm always trying new things
I'm kind of adventurous

Question 3/10

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What would you do with a free afternoon?
Visit a museum
Go home and take a nap
Drive somewhere I've never been before

Question 4/10

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Which of these activities are you the best at?
Putting together a puzzle
Finishing a book
Throwing a good party

Question 5/10

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What frustrates you the most?
Feeling out of control
Being bored
Feeling stuck

Question 6/10

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How would you describe yourself in one word?

Question 7/10

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What's most important to you in life?
My family
My hobbies
My career

Question 8/10

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Would you ever consider re-enrolling in college?
Once was enough
I'd think about it

Question 9/10

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What do you believe is the most frustrating part of travel?
Waiting in lines
Lost luggage
None of it

Question 10/10

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How do you kick back on an average day?
I read a good book
I call a friend
I let myself do absolutely nothing

Visit The Mayan Ruins

Visiting the Mayan ruins should be on your bucket list! While anyone can go to Hawaii or visit the cherry blossoms in Japan, it takes a truly adventurous soul to visit the Mayan ruins. Not only will you be blown away by the history, but you’ll immerse yourself in a culture that changed the world!

Complete A Marathon

Completing a marathon should be on your bucket list! You’ve always had trouble finishing things in life. It’s something that has vexed you for years. By completing a marathon you’ll prove to yourself and others that you have it in you to go all the way!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Taking a hot air balloon ride should be on your bucket list! What’s better than seeing the world from the ground? Seeing the world from the air! Taking a hot air balloon ride would be a whimsical adventure that you would surely never forget. The world simply looks different from above!

Visit Every National Park

Visiting every national park should be on your bucket list! If you want to feel in awe of something greater than yourself, visit every national park and let yourself feel the power of nature. Not only will you remember what’s important in life, but you’ll gain a greater appreciation of the natural world!

Host A Family Reunion

Hosting a family reunion should be on your bucket list! While some people dread family reunions, there’s something magical about having multiple generations all in one place. You’ll hear amazing stories, gain insight, and learn so much more about where you’re from and why you are the way you are!

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