Where Does Your Loyalty Lie?

Everyone is loyal to someone or something, but where does your true loyalty lie? What exactly are you tethered to in this life? Take these 10 inspiring quiz questions and reveal the truth!

Question 1/10

If someone offered you $10,000 to never talk to your best friend again, would you do it?
Absolutely, show me the money!
No way, money can't come between friendship.
I'd have to think about it.
Maybe for a million dollars.

Question 2/10

It's a holiday weekend. What are you planning to do?
Spend time with family.
Travel someplace new.
Kick back and relax.
Catch up on work.
Canoodle with my spouse or partner.

Question 3/10

Your parents don't approve of your new boyfriend or girlfriend. What do you do?
Dump them immediately, family first.
Explain to them how I feel.
Keep the relationship going.
Hide the relationship from them.

Question 4/10

Your best friend's art opening is at 6:00 but your boss wants you to work until 7:30. What do you do?
Tell my boss to shove it, I have things to do.
Tell my friend I can't come.
Compromise by working until 7:00.
Ditch out of work early.

Question 5/10

Where did you learn your values?
From my parents.
From my friends.
From my religion.
From books and movies.
I'm not sure, a bit of everything!

Question 6/10

How big is your friend group?
I have one or two really close friends.
I have five or more close friensd.
I have ten or more close friends.
I have a huge friend group, but we're not exactly close.

Question 7/10

You promise your co-worker you'll help them move, but you're feeling pretty beat. What's your move?
Go anyway, a promise is a promise.
Make up an excuse and stay home.
Go for a little while and then cut out early.
Ignore their phone calls and hope for the best.

Question 8/10

What's your greatest motivation in life?

Question 9/10

Would you ever move back to your hometown?
In a heartbeat, it's my favorite place.
Maybe, but only if there was a goo job there.
Nope, I like to keep some distance between myself and my family.
Nah, I'm happy where I am now.

Question 10/10

There's something you want to buy but you don't quite have enough just yet. What do you do?
Wait on it, patience is a virtue.
Steal it, no one has to know.
Ask someone to buy it for me.
Forget about it, that's not what matters in life.
Your loyalty lies with your family! Nothing in this world comes before your family or those you consider to be like family. Not work or money could ever come between you and those you love. You'd do anything for your brood and they'd do anything for you!

With Your Family.

Your loyalty lies with your faith! Your sense of faith is the most important thing in your world, without it, you simply wouldn't feel like yourself. You never let anything get in the way of your morals or what you believe in.

With Your Faith.

Your loyalty lies with your friends! In your opinion, friends are the family members you get to choose on your own. Because of this, there's nothing you wouldn't do for one of your close friends. You'd never betray someone you love and you fully place your trust in the fact they have your back too.

With Your Friends.

Your loyalty lies with your work! Career and success are the most important things in your world. You're always attempting to be more, do more, and find the job of your dreams. You're not afraid to put in the hard work to get where you want to be in life!

With Your Work.

Your loyalty lies with your spouse! Nothing can come between you and the person you gave your word to at your marriage vows. Not only is your spouse the one person who truly understands you, but they're your best friend through thick and thin. You're as loyal to your spouse as they come.

With Your Spouse.