What Is Your Next Move In Life?

Feeling stagnant or bored in life? It's time to make a move! But what should you really do next in your life? Answer these 10 questions truthfully and we'll reveal your next move in life! Ready? Begin!

Question 1/10

Are you happy with your life as it is right now?
Yes, it's great!
No, I'm pretty unhappy.
It's okay sometimes.

Question 2/10

What would you most want to win in a sweepstakes?
Free rent for one year
10k in cash
A trip around the world
A new car
A Disney vacation

Question 3/10

Choose a board game....
Candy Land

Question 4/10

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Settled down with some kids
Traveling and partying it up
Somewhere far far away
Working my dream job
I don't know really

Question 5/10

What do you wish you had more of?

Question 6/10

Who drives you crazy right now?
My boss
My family
Young people
My roommate
Pretty much everyone

Question 7/10

Choose a magazine to flip through....
Town and Country
Travel and Leisure
Good Housekeeping
Cat Fancy

Question 8/10

On the weekend, you'd most like to be....
Not dreading Monday.
Trying a new restaurant.
Going on a trip.
Spending time with my family.
At the flea market.

Question 9/10

Do you like where you live currently?
I live with my parents and I love it!
My place can be nicer but it's okay.
Yes, my home is great.
I could use some new surroundings.

Question 10/10

Do you currently have any kids?
Not yet, but soon!
Your next move in life is to start dating again! In the past, romance hasn't always gone your way nor has it been kind. Even when you gave your all, it felt like the other person just wasn't in it for the long haul. You've put off dating for years, but now it's time to dive back in and find a true partner for life. The time is now!

Start Dating Again

Your next move in life is to find a new job! Like so many people, you got stuck in the idea that a job is a job. Perhaps you've even rationalized that "no one likes their job." Well, that may be true, but it's worth it to take a chance and pursue your passion. Don't settle for a drab 9 to 5 just to pay the bills. Life is too short! The next move you need to make is finding a job that truly brings you joy.

Find A New Job

Your next move in life is to move to a different country! Pack your bags and get ready for the greatest adventure of your life. Some people are simply born very far from where they're supposed to be and you're one of those people. It's time to leave your comfort zone and embark on a new journey of self discovery. You may just find the home you've been longing for!

Move To A Different Country

Your next move in life is to open your own business! You've always had big dreams of being your own boss and starting the perfect business. Now that you've got the idea and the ambition, it's time to put your plan into motion. As a natural leader- you've got what it takes to make your dreams a reality!

Open Your Own Business

Your next move in life is to start a family! From the time you were a child, you've always known that family was everything. Now that you're settling into adulthood, you're ready to be a parent and start a family of your own. In the coming months, you'll look to add a new baby or maybe even adopt!

Start A Family