Will You Be A Good Parent?

Parenting isn't easy and it's certainly not for everyone. Do you think you would make an excellent parent? Take these 10 questions and find out if you're cut out for parenthood!

Question 1/10

What time do you typically go to bed?
10:00 PM
11:00 PM
1:00 AM
It varies by night

Question 2/10

Your four year old just dropped the f-bomb at a family dinner. How do you handle the situation?
I tell them it's a bad word and forbade them from using it again
I send them from the dinner table
I take them aside and explain what they did wrong
I laugh it off
I wait until we get home to scold them

Question 3/10

What is the best punishment for a teenager who missed curfew?
Extra chores around the house
Grounded after school and on the weekends
A long talk about why curfew is important
Take away phone privileges
Nothing it's what teenagers do

Question 4/10

Would you ever do your child's homework for them?
I'd help them but I'd never do it for them
I'd make them do it and then go over any mistakes
If they're crunched for time I would
I would explain why it's important that they do their homework
I feel it depends on the circumstances

Question 5/10

Do you believe that a willingness to sacrifice for your child is necessary to good parenting?
I feel some sacrifices are ncessary
I don't feel that sacrifices are healthy for a parent
I'm not sure

Question 6/10

Do you believe that children should be allowed more freedoms with every passing year?
Only if they earn it
It depends on how mature they are
It would vary based on the child
Absolutely with age comes freedom
I'd have to judge that situation day by day

Question 7/10

Do you feel you would have a tendency to hover over your child?
I don't think so
I would hover a bit
I think I'd be the world's worst hover parent

Question 8/10

Your 7 year old child has just fell over and skinned their knee. What do you do?
Tell them to get back up and try again
Console them and bandage their knee
Explain that falls happen but not to be scared of trying again
I immediately take them indoors where it's safe

Question 9/10

Your child is struggling in school. What do you do?
I help them study each night
I get them a tutor
I find a way to make learning and doing homework fun
I talk to the teacher
I try to find out if it has anything to do with their behavior

Question 10/10

Do you believe in spanking your child?
Most definitely
It depends on their crime
You're going to make an excellent parent! With patience, kindness, and understanding; you will guide your child to being a well rounded and ethical individual. Not only is your parenting style the perfect mix of firm and fun, but your kids truly love spending time with you. They respect you for who you are and your family dynamic.

Excellent Parent

You're going to make a truly supportive parent! Often times the thing children need most from their parents is support and understanding. Growing up is difficult. If your children know that you've always got their back, even in times of failure or sadness, they will always chase their dreams and do the next right thing.

Supportive Parent

You will be an open and honest parent! You'll never shield your children from the realities of life. In your eyes, growing up and building character means being exposed to uncomfortable things. Not only will you fully immerse your children in learning about the world but you will support them in their exploration of their environment.

Open And Honest Parent

You will be a truly loving parent! Your children will always know unconditional love thanks to you. Not only are you an empathic and compassionate soul, but you know that children most often need to feel loved and supported, no matter what behavior they exemplify.

Loving Parent

You're going to be an amazingly fun parent! From fun activities to rainy day hijinks, your children will always know how to enjoy every moment of every day. You'll teach your children to laugh off embarrassing moments and to enjoy each and every day fully. Laughter will be the best medicine in your household.

Fun Parent