How Naughty Were You As A Kid?

Were you a quiet little angel or a bit of a problem child. It's time to find out once and for all just how naughty you were as kid. Feel free to send these results to your parents afterward!

Question 1/10
Be honest, as a teen, were you ever arrested?
I can't remember

Question 2/10
As a child, when your mom wanted you to clean your room, what was you response?
Yeah... I'll get to it!
You clean it!
I'll get on it right away!
My room was always tidy without reminding

Question 3/10
The principal's office was....
The scariest place in the world to me
Like a second home
A threat I knew all too well

Question 4/10
Were you the class clown?
How'd you know?
Nah I was very quiet!
I was more the class snark relief

Question 5/10
Your brothers and sister remember childhood with you as...
Lots of hairpulling and teasing
A total dream
A bit chaotic at times

Question 6/10
The rule was no shoes in the house. How often did you wear shoes when your parents weren't home?
Like all the time
I never wore shoes
I'd do it every now and then

Question 7/10
It's your day to take out the trash. How vocal are you about your hatred of chores?
I would complain the entire way in and out and then probably some more after that
I'd just complete the task and get on with my life
I'd complain under my breath

Question 8/10
Did you ever have a secret boyfriend or girlfriend?
I had many secret boyfriends or girlfriends
I had one or two
I never kept secrets from my parents

Question 9/10
What were your grades like?
Mostly A's
Mostly B's
Mostly C's
Mostly D's

Question 10/10
Did you ever tease your peers?
As a child, you were extremely naughty! You got a true kick out of driving your parents crazy. You treated every day as opposite day, often doing the direct opposite of whatever your parents wanted you to do. While this may have driven your parents up a wall at the time, they now look back on this time with humor and fondness!

Extremely Naughty
Uh-oh, based on your quiz results, you were a bit of a problem child as a youngin! While you didn't cause any detrimental harm, being naughty was your middle name. From drawing on the walls to pulling your sister's hair, you got a kick out of being bad.

Total Problem Child
Based on the results of this quiz you had some naughty tendencies as a child! Sure, for the most part you were well behaved, but you had a naughty streak. Whether you were purposely forgetting to do your homework or relentlessly teasing your siblings, you definitely had some naughty tendencies.

Naughty Tendencies
Based on your quiz results you were somewhat naughty as a child! Like most kids you were naughty sometimes but not very often. Every now and then you acted up, driving your parents crazy. But overall, you enjoyed playing by the rules.

Somewhat Naughty
Based on the results of this quiz, you were a perfect angel! You never would've dreamt of making your parents angry or doing the wrong thing. In fact, you getting in trouble with your parents was an actual fear of yours.

Perfect Angel