Which Famous Cowboy Are You Most Like?

These famous cowboys once personified cool, but which of these famous gunslingers are you really most like? It's time to find out! Simply answer these 10 quiz questions and reveal the famed cowboy you're really like on the inside!

Question 1/10

What is one thing a cowboy should always have?
A hat
A gun
A horse
A scowl
A pint of whiskey

Question 2/10

When you witness an injustice, what do you do?
Fight for the underdog.
Call the sheriff.
Get involved.
Start singing a tune.
Pull my gun.

Question 3/10

When you speak...
My voice is deep and raspy.
My voice is calm.
My voice is melodious.
My voice is just my voice!

Question 4/10

Who would you travel with?
Me, myself, and I.
A trusted companion.
A whole entourage.
A gang.
Not sure.

Question 5/10

When you enter a saloon, do you announce yourself?

Question 6/10

What are cattle best for?

Question 7/10

When you are not working you...
Looking for more work that needs to be done.
Working on my hobbies.
Hanging out with pals.
Drinking and watching TV.
Whipping up a good meal.

Question 8/10

Why do you chose to do the right thing?
Because it's the right thing to do.
For the recognition.
To impress other people.
To set a good example.

Question 9/10

What is your favorite food side?
Mac n' cheese
Baked potatoes

Question 10/10

Where is your favorite hangout?
My house
A friend's house
The local bar
An old abandoned building
Round the fire
You're most like Roy Rogers, the "King of the Cowboys!" Known for flashy attire and a melodious voice, you love to be in the spotlight and aren't afraid to let your talents be known. Though you may not be saving damsels in distress or taking on duels at high noon, you're still a cowboy with an edge!

Roy Rogers

You're most like classic cowboy Gene Autry! Much like Autry, you keep to a strict code of conduct while out on the range. You never shoot first, never go back on your word, and always seek to tell the truth. You pride yourself on always helping those in distress and doing your part to make the West a safer and more honest place!

Gene Autry

You're most like John Wayne! Just like the duke, you have a calm and soothing voice that instantly puts others at ease. Though rugged and tough, you have a strong spirit of love and conviction. While you're always willing to fight your own battles, you aren't afraid to take on the case for someone else, especially if it means defending the underdog or someone weaker than you.

John Wayne

You're most like Audie Murphy! Much like Murphy, you never shy away from danger and always tackle every challenge with ease. You aim to fight for what's right in the world and defend those who can't defend themselves. You always put country first.

Audie Murphy

You're most like Gary Cooper! Understated yet tough, you come across as a charming soul who loves to fight for the underdog. You try not to draw your gun first or cause trouble, but when trouble finds you, there's nothing that will stand in your way of making things right.

Gary Cooper