Which TV Mom Is Your Opposite?

You might know which TV mom is your personality match, but which TV mom is your total opposite? Do you think you have an idea? Take these 10 questions and find out just which TV mom is completely different from you!

Question 1/10

How do you most want to spend mother's day this year?
Laying on the couch doing absolutely nothing
Doing fun activities with my family
Opening up all the presents my family has gotten for me
I don't need anything special just time with my family

Question 2/10

Your kid got in trouble at school for pushing another kid on the playground. How do you handle it?
I talk to them about how violence is never the answer
I ground them for a few weeks
I take away all of the technology and computer access
I give them a pat on teh back for a job well done

Question 3/10

How are you in the kitchen?
I'm a regular Julia child
I'm a whiz with a microwave
I can order a pizza like it's nobodies business
I try quite hard but don't always succeed

Question 4/10

Which ride are your rocking?
A mini-van of course
A classic muscle car
A sedan
An electric car

Question 5/10

What's your weekend wardrobe like?
Yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt
A pretty day dress
Comfy jeans and a nice blouse
Pajamas of course
An apron because I'm baking up a storm

Question 6/10

What are your thoughts on motherhood?
It's both a blessing and a curse
It's the greatest job I've ever been given
It's trying but worth it
It wasn't quite what I expected

Question 7/10

If money weren't an issue, would you rather stay home or go to work?
Stay home
Go to work
It depends, are my kids at school all day?

Question 8/10

Where do you keep all of the finger paintings and art projects that your child brings home from school?
I frame them or put them on the fridge
I hang them up throughout the house
I tuck them away in a box
I toss them when the kids aren't looking

Question 9/10

Which pet are you most likely to choose for your household?
A dog
A cat
I wouldn't let my kids get a pet

Question 10/10

In your opinion kids......
Are truly a blessing
Can teach us so much
Were sent from above to test patience
The TV mom that is your opposite is Debra Barone of "Everybody Loves Raymond." What's the major difference between you and Debra? Your amazing organizational skills. Your house is as organized and put together as they come. You couldn't imagine keeping a cluttered house or serving your kids a less than awesome home cooked meal. In your eyes, Debra needs to get it together!

Debra Barone

The TV mom that is your total opposite is Peg Bundy! What's the difference between you and Peg Bundy? Absolutely everything. While Peg tends to be a bit free and liberal with how she runs her household (especially when it comes to her style and disciplining the children), you run a tight ship. Everyone pitches in at your house no matter how much they may moan and groan about it.

Peg Bundy

The TV mom that's your opposite is Jill Taylor! On "Home Improvement," Jill was a full time stay at home Mom who was going to school for psychology on the side. While Jill was often humorous and dependable, she had a tendency to put up with a lot. Unlike Jill, you lack the patience to humor a family like that. You like routine, plans, and everything to be as you need it to be.

Jill Taylor

The TV mom that is your opposite is Kitty Forman of "That 70s Show!" Unlike Kitty Forman, you never meddle, rarely booze it up, and hate to gossip about others. You tend to keep a low profile both at home and in the workplace. Your shy nature makes it difficult for you to get overly wound up in any type of environment.

Kitty Forman

The TV mom that is your opposite is Carol Brady of "The Brady Bunch!" What's the difference between you and Carol? You're not corny and you don't stand for shenanigans. While you could easily handle a large brood, you wouldn't do so with the slight and light touch that Carol did. In fact, you wouldn't mind if your house was loud, boisterous and full of fun. Even if it meant that sometimes you'd have to get a little loud as well!

Carol Brady