How Much Of A Kid Are You?

Everyone has an inner child - at least of varying degrees. In some cases, your inner child is simply being youthful and adventurous, whereas in other cases it is being immature and unrelenting. Answer these 10 questions to find out how much of a kid YOU are!

Question 1/10
Someone trips and falls. Other people around you are laughing, how do you react?
Laugh with everyone else
Check on them, make sure they are okay
Laugh on the inside

Question 2/10
It's your birthday tomorrow, what kind of party are you having?
No party
Nice dinner with friends (and wine)
Going to the club!
Big blow out party, everyone needs to look nice
Themed party - maybe cowboys and harlots?

Question 3/10
What was your favorite subject is school?
Art or Music
Science (Hands on experiments)

Question 4/10
Which of the following is your favorite color?

Question 5/10
Which of the following dinners would you prefer?
Steak and Potatoes
Lightly-dressed Salad
Chicken Nuggets and French Fries

Question 6/10
Which of the following drinks do you prefer?

Question 7/10
What do you do when you see a stray dog?
Pet it!
Catch it and keep it!
Check to see if it has a collar (or bring it to a vet to check for microchip)
Call the pound and let them know a dog is running around

Question 8/10
What word would you use to describe your best friend?

Question 9/10
How many friends do you have?
Too many to count...
7 or 8 close ones
One or two really good friends

Question 10/10
What career do you want to have in 10 years?
Zoo Keeper
You let all of your child-like traits and features grow out of you when you made the transition into adulthood. Now you are focused on building a career, paying bills, and only having adult-centric fun.

0% Kid - All Adult!
You are mature, there is no doubt, but sometimes you let your inner child out. You are focused on building your career, yes, but you let loose sometimes and let your inner child show you how to have some fun!

25% Kid, Mostly Adult
You let your inner child control your choices and motivation just as much as your let your adult side have the wheel. This tends to look like "work hard, play hard." Meaning, you know how to get the job done and focus on your career, but you also know how to let loose and have fun. You may be partial to a prank every now and then too!

50% Kid, 50% Adult
You are mostly kid at heart. Everything you do is meant to be fun and carefree - which actually has it's benefits! It means you won't pick a career or job solely based on needing money to pay bills, you are going to make sure you love what you are doing for since you'll be doing it for 20+ years!

75% Kid, Some Adult
You haven't quite grown out of your child-like traits yet. You love pranks and having fun and don't care about settling down and focusing on a career yet. Being young at heart is a great thing, but don't forget you have bills to pay!

100% Kid, ZERO Adult!