What’s Your Love Alignment?

When we're in love, all of our systems go into overdrive. Our heart races, our tummy turns and the whole world is seen through rose colored glasses. Of course, this all depends on your particular love alignment with another person! Are you and your current beau positively aligned, or like two oppositional poles? If you often experience heartbreak, knowing your love alignment might just change everything!

Question 1/10

You see your beau walk into a room. How do you feel as soon as you lay eyes upon them?

Question 2/10

How long have you liked your crush or beau?
A few weeks
A few months
A few years

Question 3/10

It's Saturday at 10 AM. Do you guys have the same plans in mind for the weekend?
Yes, just like we always do!
Nah, we rarely see eye to eye.
Not exactly, but we'll compromise!

Question 4/10

Can you two tease one another without hurt feelings?
Yes, it's kind of our thing.
Sometimes, but one of us gets hurt eventually.
Nope, it never turns out that way.

Question 5/10

What do adore most about your beau or crush?
Their sense of humor.
Everything, they're the total package!
Their smile and eyes.

Question 6/10

It's movie night! How likely are you guys to agree on the same flick?
Very likely, we love the same kind of movies.
Kind of likely, it lines up every now and then.
Very unlikely, we don't like the same genres.

Question 7/10

Have you ever seen your crush at their worst?
Yes, many times.
Nope, not yet.
I've seen glimpses.

Question 8/10

When you're with your person, how would you rate your self esteem?
Higher than average.
Lower than average.

Question 9/10

Has your special someone ever seen you cry?
Yes, many times!
No, not yet.
Sort of, I've teared up in front of them.

Question 10/10

Let's pretend that you're going through a difficult time emotionally. Would you clue them in on the details?
No way.
Maybe once I know them better....
Right now, your love alignment with your current beau is overwhelmingly positive! Not only do you share an intense chemistry, but you share the same values and ideals. You simply see eye to eye on everything, even those things that have nothing to do with love. If you're not already an item or truly committed, you best lock this person down. They might just be your soulmate!

Positive Alignment

Right now, your love alignment is totally negative! You simply don't see eye to eye on much, especially when it comes to love. You lack chemistry and simply don't have that magnetic pull that draws one person to another. Your values are a mismatch and so are your goals. It is best to let this love go and wait for the right one to come along soon!

Negative Alignment

Right now, you have a neutral love alignment. Your relationship could blossom and grow or fizzle out like a firework. You have some major chemistry, but neither one of you is acting upon it or leaning into the feelings you have. While you're not sure where you stand on values, you two definitely see eye to eye on the things that matter most. Your neutral alignment could become positive with a push!

Neutral Alignment