What Is God’s Plan For You?

God has a plan for every life. A journey that your life will take and a path you will carve. Ever wondered what God's plan is for you? Take these 10 quiz questions and find your divine answer!

Question 1/10

If you could quit your job and take a new life direction, what would you do?
Travel and explore the world.
Volunteer and help others.
Write that novel.
Spend time with my family.
Throw myself into my hobbies.

Question 2/10

If you were a bird, which bird would you be?
A dove
A swan
A blue jay
A robin
A hummingbird

Question 3/10

You've had a hard day. What do you do to unwind?
Sip some wine and read a book.
Turn on the TV.
Reach out to a friend.
Eat a pint of ice cream.
Journal or write it out.

Question 4/10

What's your goal this year?
To eat more healthy.
ToTo be more brave.
To get in shape.
To spend more time with family.
To find a different job.

Question 5/10

When you're feeling angry, how do you blow off steam?
I clean the house.
I go for a run.
I eat.
I lash out.
I meditate.

Question 6/10

What's the most exciting part of visiting a new country?
The food
The museums
The people
The shopping
The history

Question 7/10

You flip on the news and it's all bad. How do you feel?
Pretty bummed out honestly, it feels like the world's going to end!
A little bothered, but everything happens for a reason.
Unaffected, they typically only report the bad stuff.

Question 8/10

Which holiday are you always most excited to celebrate?
Fourth of July

Question 9/10

Your best friend is moving across the country. How do you feel?
Pretty broken up honestly.
A little sad, but excited for them!
Fine, we'll still talk all the time!
Happy, it's an opportunity for me to travel and visit!

Question 10/10

Which emoji do you use most often?
Heart eyes
Crying from laughter
Devil horns
Palm tree
Winky face
God's plan for you is to be a parent! You've probably always felt the call to be a Mother or a Father. It's always seemed like the most natural thing in the world! While you'll accomplish many things in your life, parenthood will be the proudest accomplishment of all.

To Be A Parent

God's plan for you is to help others! You've always felt the most fulfilled when volunteering or serving others. That's because God sees you as a vessel for good! Through you, God helps to bring joy and compassion to those who don't have it in their lives.

To Help Others

God's plan for you is to travel the world! Only through experiencing new cultures and seeing the world can you fully experience the scope of what it means to be alive. With God on your side, you'll venture through every country, city, and culture worth seeing!

To Travel The World

God's plan for you is to invent something great! You've been gifted a creative and intelligent mind. One that doesn't see things for how they are but for what they could be. With your intelligence, you'll invent something that will truly change the world for the better.

To Invent Something Great

God's plan for you is to have you share your story! You've probably endured more than your fair share of ups and downs in this life. Sometimes it almost feels like you're being picked on! Rest assured, it's all a part of the plan. All of the bad days and hard nights will add up to a story that will help others going through similar experiences. Everything happens for a reason, even the things that are hard to endure!

To Share Your Story