How Long Could You Survive Stranded in the Desert?

If you were to find yourself stranded in the desert, would you know what to do? Take these 10 questions and find out just how long you could survive being stranded in the desert! You might not last as long as you think!

Question 1/10
What do you always make sure to have on yourself at all times?
A compass
A knife
A water bottle
A stash of snacks
A gun

Question 2/10
How will you shield yourself from the sun?
With a makeshift hat.
Attempting to find shade.
With sunscreen.
By staying hydrated.

Question 3/10
Your first few days on your own will be hard. How will you entertain yourself?
Make up games and stories.
Through tears.
Start talking to inanimate objects.
Writing and journaling.

Question 4/10
Unfortunately, sandstorms are common in the desert. What would you do if you saw one approaching?
Attempt to run in the opposite direction.
Find shelter, even if it's just a rock.
Lay down and cover my head.
Let it hit me, it's just sand.

Question 5/10
Without a water source, you'll surely die. How will you stay hydrated?
Cut into a cactus.
Collect rainwater.
Search for a water source.
Drink urine.

Question 6/10
What's your biggest fear in the desert?
Being alone
The weather
Finding food

Question 7/10
While out in the desert, you'd be extra cautious about...
Scorpions and snakes
Running into strange drifters
Small animals
Losing my sense of direction

Question 8/10
What would motivate you to survive?
My friends and family.
The thought of seeing my dog or cat again.
Not wanting to die.
The potential for fame and fortune.
I don't know.

Question 9/10
Have you done any kind of camping in your life?
I've camped many times!
I camped once or twice.
Ew, camping is not for me!

Question 10/10
Are you the type to think with your head or your heart?
My head
My heart
A bit of both
You could survive stranded in the desert for 1 year! Congrats, you've got the skills, resiliency and intelligence to make it in the desert for at least 365 days. You know how to prioritize your needs and maintain your sanity. Few people can hack it in the desert, but you have the survival skills to put them all to shame.

1 Year
You could survive in the desert for at least 6 months! Sure, you might start to drift off mentally by month 6, but you'll maintain your physical health and flourish in the desert. You know how to gather water, where to best build a shelter, and how to stay safe from the sun. You've got what it takes to survive, hopefully you never have to put your skills to the test!

6 Months
You could survive in the desert for at least 3 months! You might have the physical stamina and intelligence to hack it in the desert for 3 months, but you'd start to wain mentally after more than few weeks in the desert. You're a social butterfly who craves human interaction. Without other people to converse with and vent to, you'll slowly lose your mind!

3 Months
You could survive in the desert for at least 1 month! While you might not last for long in the desert, you could make it for at least 30 days. You've got the intelligence to find food, avoid sun poisoning, and stay hydrated. Unfortunately, you'd start to peter out mentally, which would mess with your logic and leave you feeling totally at odds with yourself. You're a social butterfly who needs others in order to thrive. Desert life wouldn't work for you!

1 Month
You could last in the desert for two weeks! Though you're a whip smart person with a lot of common sense, you'd lose your wits in the desert and struggle to survive. You've never really spent much time outdoors and you're certainly not well versed on survival skills. Without the help of Google or others, you might begin to doubt your own judgement! Hopefully, you'll never have to put your survival skills to the test!

Two Weeks