Is Your Brain More Trucker Or Farmer?

Everybody thinks differently, but does your brain operate more like a trucker or a farmer? Which profession is your thinking really in line with? Answer these 10 quiz questions and get your results today. You might be more one or the other than you think!

Question 1/10
When you're looking at your phone, you are typically...
Checking the weather.
Answering a text.
Browsing Facebook.

Question 2/10
How do you feel about rainy days?
They're the bane of my existence.
They're quite calming.
They're okay in moderation.

Question 3/10
What is the biggest vehicle you've ever driven?
A moving truck
A semi-truck
A regular truck

Question 4/10
What time do you like to get your day started?
At dawn
Around 7 or 8 AM
Anytime after 9

Question 5/10
When bad things happen, you usually attribute them to...
Bad luck

Question 6/10
What's a good reason to carry on a tradition?
Habit, I suppose.
Because strong traditions matter.
You just do.

Question 7/10
Who is your nemesis?
Bad drivers.
Ignorant folks.

Question 8/10
Can you sleep anywhere?
Typically, wherever I rest my eyes.
Just the bed or coach.
I have trouble sleeping.

Question 9/10
If you move into a new house, how long does it take you to furnish it?
Several years.
A few months.
A couple of weeks.

Question 10/10
Are you someone who depends on your spouse or partner?
Yes, they're my other half.
Not really, I'm pretty independent.
It depends on the day.
Your brain is more trucker! You think as a trucker would think, in terms of destinations rather than journeys. You're all about logistics and getting everywhere as efficiently as possible. This involves plenty of planning and lots of alone time. Luckily, you don't mind being alone at all. In fact, your independence makes you more trucker like than anything else!

You think most like a farmer! You don't just look at what's right in front of you. Instead, you see the big picture. While some live in the "now," you're keen on past, present and future. Intelligent and logical, you know how to problem solve and think on your feet. Though you're quite independent, you aren't afraid to rely on friends and family when you're in a bind or just need a bit of support.

You think like both a trucker and a farmer! You've got the gift of logic and creativity. You know how to use your mind to problem solve and think quickly. While you love to plan, you know that life doesn't always care about what you had in mind. Which is why you've always been so skilled at living on the fly. Though you're quite independent in mind and spirit, you know what it sometimes it really takes a village to make it in this world!

A Mix Of Both