Are You Cold Or Warm Hearted?

Which one do you happen to be?

Question 1/10
Which is your favorite season?
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Question 2/10
Your friend was just injured in a funny way. Do you:
Laugh at them for being so stupid
Make sure they're okay
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Question 3/10
How do you prefer to greet your best friend?
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Question 4/10
You have some extra change left over from lunch. Do you:
Offer it to a homeless person
Buy yourself some dessert
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Question 5/10
Would you ever pull an embarrassing prank on somebody close to you?
Sure, it'd be hilarious!
No, they trust me
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Question 6/10
You're out with friends on a cold day. You have a thick coat on, but your friend forgot hers. Do you lend her yours?
Of course, what are friends for?
No way, it's her fault for forgetting
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Question 7/10
A young driver accidentally backs into your car, causing a minor dent.
How dare they
We all make mistakes when we're young
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Question 8/10
It's your birthday! How much cake do you want?
A huge slice for my special day!
A smaller slice so everybody gets some
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Question 9/10
What's your favorite dessert?
Some nice cool ice cream
A lovely warm home-made apple pie
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Question 10/10
Somebody who was mean to you in high school has reached out to apologize.
Revenge time
Forgive and forget
You're a kind and generous individual who's not afraid to help out others. You genuinely care about how others may feel and you'll do anything to make sure they smile.

You happen to be quite a serious and rational individual. You rarely feel flustered and can think calmly in almost any situation. Others may think you're just being cold but you're being rational.

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