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How Does Your Soul’s Presence Affect Other People?

Your soul interacts with everyone differently but how so?


Question 1/10
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Would you say you're afraid to test life's boundaries?
Of course not
It depends
Yes I am

Question 2/10
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Who are you in your group of friends?
The leader
The peacekeeper
The outgoing one
The maternal one

Question 3/10
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Which do you live in?
The past
The present
The future

Question 4/10
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Are you a daydreamer?
Without a doubt
It depends on my mood
I wouldn't say I am

Question 5/10
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Which of the following do you most identify with?
Helping and protecting others
Being the center of attention
Fighting for a cause
Pursuing knowledge

Question 6/10
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You recently had a fulfilling experience:
Fighting for something you believe in
Hosting friends or loved ones
Overcoming a challenge
None of the above

Question 7/10
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When your life is chaotic, what makes you feel better?
Excitement in a big group
Talking to a loved one
Quiet time
Distracting myself with work
None of these

Question 8/10
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When you think of your happiest accomplishments,what first comes to mind?
My family
My career
My legacy
My spirituality
My adventures

Question 9/10
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Are you ever afraid to break the rules?
It depends on the severity of the consequences
Not at all

Question 10/10
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What do you think about more?
My loved ones

You have a knack for seeing great things and huger purposes around you. You're like a natural born leader and so when others are around you, they feel like they should follow what you say. You can see beyond all the small details and visualize the bigger picture in front of you.

You have a powerful spirit where people seem to hang on to your every word. You have a very commanding soul and people know right away when you walk into a room. Among your loved ones, you're the voice of reason and you're respected for your wisdom.

You have a soul that just has a tranquility about it. You bring peace and comfort wherever you go. Your energy helps influence the people around you to make smarter decisions. People look to you for a sense of spirituality and calmness.

You have an infectious personality and people around you can't help but smile. Your soul just radiates optimism and it helps lifts the spirits of anyone who is around you. When you're with others, you're the welcoming and energetic individual that people love to be around.

Your soul comes from a helpful place and is always looking to nurture and care for others. Your soul attracts people who may be looking for peace and healing in their life. You're a protective person who brings up the spirits of everyone around you.

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