What Should Other People Know About You?

What something that others don't know but should?

Question 1/10

Do you care what others think about you?
Of course I do
It depends on how I feel that day
Not at all

Question 2/10

How are you around new people?
I'm very shy
I'm pretty comfortable
It depends

Question 3/10

What type of people do you dislike most?
People who use others
Lazy people
Judgemental people
Ignorant people

Question 4/10

Does your mind constantly run?
Yes, I can never shut it off
Only if I'm stressed or something similar
I can usually quiet my thoughts

Question 5/10

What do you usually do when you're upset?
I take it out creatively
I talk to a loved one
I try to ignore my problems
I try to figure out a solution

Question 6/10

When was the last time you donated to charity?
Just the other day
About a week ago
A few months ago
About a year ago
I don't remember

Question 7/10

Do you tend to make decisions based on facts or emotions?
It depends

Question 8/10

Do you have big dreams for your life?
Of course I do
Not really
I'm content where I am

Question 9/10

Do you ever tell others your secrets?
Of course not
Sometimes I do
Yes I do

Question 10/10

How do your friends usually act around you?
They treat me nicely
They're fun to be around
They always ask me for my advice
They always ask me to help out
People may not know it but you're actually a very generous individual. You always go out of your way to help others and make sure that they're cared for. You have no issue giving up something to make someone else happy.

You're Generous

Many may not see it but you're an ambitious and determined person. People may assume you're lazy but that's far from the case. You will do anything in your power to reach your dreams and you will not relax until you actually reach them.

You're Ambitious

To other people, you may come off as quiet and reserved. You most likely come off that way because you're shy with new people. The thing is that if they got to know you, they'd see how outgoing and energetic you truly are.

You're Outgoing

Many people may not see the creative talent you hide. You can create beautiful pieces of art that most can just dream of doing. You may not share your work out of fear of being judged harshly but if you show others, you'll be pleasantly surprised by their reactions.

You're Creative

You may keep your intelligence under wraps and others may not know how smart you truly are. You're constantly thinking and questioning ideas but you never let on about it. You prefer to keep quiet and observe from afar.

You're Intelligent