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Are You More Biscuits, Cornbread, or Dinner Rolls?

Every personality is like a piping hot carbohydrate! The question is: are you more biscuits, cornbread, or dinner rolls? Are you soft and flaky? Perhaps a bit dry. Lets find out which of these dinner sides you're most like. Will these results change the way you view yourself? Begin!

Question 1/10
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Rolls are best used for....
Sopping up sauce
A sandwich

Question 2/10
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Pick a texture:

Question 3/10
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If you had to choose between having a bread and cheese course or a dessert course, which one would you pick?
Dessert, who can pass up sweets!
Bread and cheese obviously!
I'd take either one.

Question 4/10
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What's your dream side dish?
Macaroni and cheese
French fries
Creamed spinach

Question 5/10
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What does a normal dinner look like to you?
Italian, anything with pasta and sauce.
Something hearty and filling.
A protein and plenty of veggies.

Question 6/10
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Which region of the US has the best food?
The Northeast
The Midwest
The South

Question 7/10
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How do you like your cereal?
With lots of milk.
With milk and sugar.
With more cereal than milk.

Question 8/10
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Which of these things are you most likely to put on a peanut butter sandwich?
Marshmallow fluff

Question 9/10
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What's your idea of comfort?
A comfy couch and a warm blanket.
Being around family and friends.
Feeling the warm sunshine on my face.

Question 10/10
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Where do you like to eat your meals?
On the couch.
At the table.

You're most like biscuits! Soft, tender, and totally flaky. You're a sensitive soul who puts family first. A lover of tradition and doing things the old fashioned way, you don't rush through life or crave "more" stuff. Instead, you focus on the simple things and take your own pace.

You're most like cornbread! A little dry, but often sweet, you can be a bit unpredictable. You don't show your true colors easily and like to keep most things to yourself. While you love your family and friends, you're just as happy spending a bit of time on your own.

Dinner Rolls
You're most like dinner rolls! You're soft, buttery, and altogether beloved. People can't help but feel right at home in your presence. That's because you give off a vibe of warmth and kindness. A loyal friend and a truly authentic soul, you always strive to be the best version of yourself when alone and with others.

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