Which Joke Fits Your Sense Of Humor?

There are dozens of types of jokes out there, but which kind best fits your sense of humor? Take this quiz to find out if satire fits your sense of humor, or if puns are best for you, or something in between. All you need to do is answer 10 questions to find out!

Question 1/10

Is it hard to make you laugh?
I will laugh at anything
I will laugh at most things
I don't laugh at much

Question 2/10

Do you like puns?
No, puns are like a pun-ishment
Sometimes puns can be pun-fully funny
Yes, puns are their own reword

Question 3/10

What kind of comedy shows do you like the best?
Stand-up comedy

Question 4/10

Shoud you have to think to understand a joke?
Yes, that's what makes it great
Yes, but not for all jokes
No, if you have to think about a joke, then it is not funny

Question 5/10

You have just told a joke. How are your friends likely to react?
They will laugh
They will be awkwardly quiet
They will complain about how it was a bad joke

Question 6/10

How much time do you spend online?
Hardly any time
A lot of time
I am almost always online

Question 7/10

Pick the one you like the best.
Jokes without pictures, and just words
Jokes with pictures, but not words
Jokes with pictures and words

Question 8/10

Do you like to tell dirty jokes?
No, but I like to hear them

Question 9/10

Are your jokes sometimes offenssive?
I don't know

Question 10/10

How funny do you think you are?
Not very funny
An average amount of funny
I am funny enough to have my own comedy show
This joke is the best for you because it is a pun. Some people see puns as one of the lowest forms of humor, but others think that there is nothing better than playing with a littler word play, and you fall into the latter category.

What Do You Call An Alligator In Vest? An Investigator!

This type of joke is the opposite of a hyperole, which is when a person exxagerates to make make a joke. Instead, under guessing and other jokes of this type seem funny to you. Of course, there is at least three stars in the sky, and it seems a bit silly that someone would even say that...and that someone will likely be you when you retell this joke.

How Many Stars Are There In The Sky? At Least Three.

You have fun when you hear jokes that most people would find immature. To be fair, they are immature, but they are funny too! You are sure to think of some to tell your friends later. If they groan or complain, then you know your joke was good!

Your Momma's So Fat That She Needs Her Own Zip Code!

You like jokes that need some background information to be funny. Jokes that not everyone will get make you laugh the most. You love to share educational jokes with others.

Do You Know Any Jokes About Sodium? Na.

Memes are what you find funnier than anything else. They may not make sense to anyone, and if you were off of the internet for a week, you would be sure to miss the newest one. Memes are easy to make, so why not make your own today?

You: Burger King. Me, An Intellectual: Monarch Of Hamburg