Are You Wifey Material?

You might think you're a total catch, but are you actually wifey material? It's time to reveal the truth! With these 10 simple quiz questions you can unveil if you're actually wifey material or not!

Question 1/10
What initially attracts you to a potential partner?
Their look
Their confidence
Their warmth

Question 2/10
It's most important that your partner be....

Question 3/10
Which word would your parents use to describe you?

Question 4/10
Your partner is a football fanatic and tomorrow is the big game. What do you do?
Set a reminder on the TV and buy some snacks.
Tell your partner they care too much about football.
Plan to spend the day with friends.

Question 5/10
It's your spouse's week to do the laundry, but you notice things are piling up. What do you do?
Help them out and do some laundry.
Nag them until they finish the laundry.
Send subtle hints to do the laundry.

Question 6/10
Your spouse's mother want's you two to spend some quality time together. What do you suggest?
Going to a movie so we don't have to talk.
Brunch and then shopping.
Wine tasting.

Question 7/10
You accidentally broke your spouse's favorite item. Do you tell them?
Yes, right away, it was my mistake!
I'd blame it on the dog or cat.
I'd try to hide the fact that it was me.

Question 8/10
What would be the best random gift?
Having my spouse cook dinner and do the chores.
A bouquet of flowers and my favorite cupcakes.
Jewelry or a romantic getaway.

Question 9/10
What's your idea of a perfect date?
Going rock climbing.
A picnic on the beach.
Dinner and a movie.
A tasting menu at a 5 star restaurant.

Question 10/10
How many kids do you wanna have?
Just one.
Two or three.
As many as I can!
You're most definitely wifey material! You have what it takes to be one half of a perfect partnership. You're even keeled, grounded, compassionate, and kind. You know how to communicate how you feel and how to listen when someone needs to be heard. You're caring but never overprotective. You truly want your partner to be the best version of themselves that they can be. You're the wife everyone would love to have!

You Are Wifey Material!
You're almost wifey material! It's clear that you'd be a great wife, one who deeply cares for their spouse and wants the best for them no matter what the situation. While you're nurturing and down to earth, you can also let your emotions get the best of you. You wear your heart on your sleeve and can feel easily hurt by criticism or disappointment. Once you find a partner who knows how to truly ease your emotional woes, you'll be the best wifey there can be!

You Are Almost Wifey Material!
Unfortunately, you're not wifey material just yet! Let's get one thing straight, you're going to make a fabulous wife someday, just not right now. You're still not quite ready to give up being single and being half of a partnership. You still have a lot to learn about who you are and what you want in life before diving head first into marriage. Give it some time and see how much you can grow!

You Are Not Wifey Material!