Where Should You Live Based On Your Ideal Weekend?

Can we guess where you should live based on your ideal weekend? It's time to find out just how revealing your interests really are! To the quiz!

Question 1/10

Would you rather take off on a Friday or a Monday?
It doesn't matter!

Question 2/10

The best way to kick of any weekend is by...
Hitting the bar
Going out to dinner
Meeting up with friends
Relaxing and watching TV
Treating myself to something nice

Question 3/10

How would you describe your weekend policy in one word?

Question 4/10

On your ideal Saturday, you'd like to...
Sleep in until noon
Go to brunch with pals
Hit the garden center
Squeeze in a workout
Lazily drink some coffee

Question 5/10

On the weekend, you have time to make whatever breakfast you want! What’s your ideal morning meal?
French toast
Scrambled eggs
Bagel sandwich
Just toast for me

Question 6/10

Staying in shape is important every day! How do you keep up this weekend?
A jog around the park
Hiking or biking
Walking the dog
Giving my body a break

Question 7/10

On the weekends do you like to travel or stay put?
I like to travel
I like to stay put
It depends on the weekend

Question 8/10

Who would you rather spend your time with this weekend?
My family
My friends
My pet
My partner

Question 9/10

There are so many events to attend this weekend! Where would you rather go?
A wine tasting
A craft fair
A sporting event
A concert
Can I just stay home please?

Question 10/10

Do you document your fun weekend on social media?
Based on your ideal weekend, you should live in Paris, France! Your ideal weekend is all about food, relaxation, and living life at an easy pace. You believe that every weekend should be restorative and full of good company. You love to sip wine, eat pastry, and simply enjoying being alive. France is truly the country for you!

Paris, France

Based on your ideal weekend, you should live in Seattle, WA! Your ideal weekend is all about spending time outdoors, meeting up with friends, and sharing a good meal. You love to hike, bike, and camp. To you, nothing says "it's the weekend" more than a day hike with friends followed by beers at your favorite local bar.

Seattle, WA

Based on your ideal weekend, you should live in London, England! Your ideal weekend is all about spending time on your own as much as possible. You want to catch up on your reading, relax with some tea, and avoid responsibility for as long as you can. Sure, you love to meet up with friends for dinner and a drink, but after that, it's back to the comforts of home!

London, England

Based on your ideal weekend, you should live in Auckland, New Zealand! For you, the perfect weekend is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new. Whether it's traveling to a nearby town or renting kayaks for a day on the river, you believe that weekend should be full of fun and adventure. Auckland is certainly the place for you!

Auckland, New Zealand

Based on your ideal weekend, you should live in New York, New York! For you, weekend are all about accomplishing goals, spending time with friends, and catching up on your Netflix list. Mornings are all about getting things done, afternoons are for TV, and evenings are for cutting loose at a trendy bar or restaurant!

New York, New York