How Good Is Your Karma?

How good your karma is depends on how good of a person you actually are. Do you know just how good your karma is? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
A lost tourist on the street asks you for directions. What do you do?
Tell them I don't have time.
Stop and help them out.
Point them in the right direction while walking away.
Walk them where they need to go.

Question 2/10
What brings you the most joy?
Helping others
Getting paid
Seeing family
A good glass of wine

Question 3/10
The cashier accidentally forgets to charge you for an item. What do you do?
Alert them to their mistake.
Leave without saying anything, I love free stuff.
Consider saying soething, but walk away.

Question 4/10
One of your close friends accidentally left her purse at your house. Do you snoop?
Of course, I love finding out what's in other people's purses.
Maybe, I'll try to resist.
Nope, I wouldn't want someone to do it to me.

Question 5/10
You see an elderly gentleman with a flat tire on the side of the road but you're already late for work. What's your move?
Stop and help them change the tire.
Offer to call them a tow truck.
Drive by and hope someone else does something.

Question 6/10
What are you most grateful for right now?
My health
My friends and family
My job
My pet
My house

Question 7/10
What were you like in high school?
Class clown

Question 8/10
It's the holidays. Which charity would you donate to?
Feeding America
Salvation Army
United Way
None of these

Question 9/10
Do you always return your library books on time?
Most of the time, but slip ups happen.
Nope, I always forget.
Yes, I wouldn't want someone else to have to wait.

Question 10/10
You've had a long day and scored a seat on the train. At the next stop, a pregnant woman hops on. What do you do?
Hope someone else offers her a seat.
Offer her my seat.
Pretend I'm asleep.
You have great karma! Keep doing what you're doing because the karmic forces of the universe are on your side. You always do the right thing in every situation, put others first, and try to be kind to everyone you meet. You never lose your temper and always keep a great sense of empathy and perspective. You've got enough good karma to last a lifetime!

You Have Great Karma!
You have pretty good karma! You've always been the type of person who aims to do good for others and leave things better than you found them. Though sometimes you might slip up or do the wrong thing, you always attempt to atone for your mistakes and make right. You're a big person who always does what you feel is the right thing to do!

You Have Good Karma!
Uh-oh! It looks like your karma could use a bit of work! While you may be kind sometimes, you often just do what you want without worrying much about the consequences. You're more focused on doing you and having fun than how your actions may affect others. Start doing the right thing and you'll see your karma turn right around!

You Have Bad Karma!