Can We Guess Your Summer Anthem Based On Your Age?

Your age can certainly determine what your summer anthem should be! Do you think we can guess which song you'll be pumping all summer long based on your age? Lets find out!

Question 1/10
How do you best like to relax?
Watch TV
Go for a walk
Hit the bar

Question 2/10
Which ice cream flavor do you prefer?
Mint chip
Chocolate chip cookie dough
Butter pecan

Question 3/10
What's the ideal night out like for you?
Dinner and a movie
Bar hopping till 1 AM
A nice long walk and dinner
Rollerskating at the local rink
I'd prefer to stay in

Question 4/10
In your opinion, shoes should always be...

Question 5/10
Which artist always makes you feel nostalgic for your youth?
Duran Duran
Bob Dylan
Bruce Springsteen
Elvis Presley
Justin Bieber

Question 6/10
Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Early bird
Night owl
It depends on the day

Question 7/10
In your opinion, which president was the best president?
John F. Kennedy
Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan
Bill Clinton
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Question 8/10
Do you tend to pay with cash or a credit card?
A credit card
It's a mix of both

Question 9/10
Which summer activity was your favorite as a child?
Climbing trees
Biking the neighborhood
Going to the drive-in
Tanning for hours
Hitting the beach

Question 10/10
Which age range do you fall into?
Based on your age, your summer anthem is Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett! In your opinion, summer is all about kicking back and relaxing with an ice cold drink. Your days of being on the go area over, you'd much rather hang out and enjoy every minute of this awesome season!

Margaritaville By Jimmy Buffet

Based on your age, your summer anthem is Hot In Here by Nelly! For you, summer is all about partying and being around friends. They'll be plenty of time to rest when you're older, for now it's all about having a good time.

"Hot In Here" By Nelly

Based on your age, your summer anthem is All Summer Long by the Beach Boys! For you, summer is all about hanging out by the beach and doing as little as possible. You live for beach nights, bonfires, and grabbing drinks with your best pals.

All Summer Long By The Beach Boys

Based on your age, your summer anthem is California Gurls by Katy Perry! You're a fun loving soul with a love of adventure. You're not one to sit back all summer long doing nothing, you're always on the go. From hitting up amusement parks to camping by a lake, you like to do it all!

California Gurls By Katy Perry

Based on the results of this quiz, your summer anthem is Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald! Is there a single song that captures the slow sweetness of summer the way this one does? We think not! You like to spend your summer lying in a hammock and sipping on a sweet glass of lemonade.

Summertime By Ella Fitzgerald