What Makes You Feel Old?

There are certain things that can always make us feel old. Do you know what makes you feel old? Take these 10 questions and find out what makes you feel old!

Question 1/10

What is your favorite electronic device?
My laptop
My smartphone
My tablet
What electronic device?

Question 2/10

How did you meet your best friend?
At school
At work
In the grocery store
At book club
Through other friends

Question 3/10

What would you most like to do on a Saturday afternoon?
Tend to my garden
Take a stroll through the park
Meet up with friends
Go to the movies

Question 4/10

Are you ticklish?
I can't remember

Question 5/10

Would you rather write an email or a letter?
It depends on the person

Question 6/10

What do you prefer to drink with your morning meal?
Orange juice
A latte
A mimosa

Question 7/10

Do you prefer colored or white socks?
White socks
Colored socks
It depends on the day

Question 8/10

What do you do when something funny happens?
I laugh until I cry
I hope it happens gain
I scoff and then make a joke to keep it going

Question 9/10

What time do you go to bed at night?
8 PM
9 PM
10 PM
11 PM
Midnight or later

Question 10/10

Do you like drinking from the cup or a straw?
It depends
The one thing that makes you feel old is being called "Sir" or "Mam." Admit it, every time someone young calls you "sir" or "mam" it feels like a punch to the gut. All of a sudden the people who used to call you "miss" or "man" are seeing you as old. You always vowed no one would ever use such words against you! Unfortunately, this happens to us all eventually. No matter how cringeworthy it feels!

Being Called "Sir" Or "Mam"

The thing that makes you feel old is when your favorite songs suddenly start popping up on classic rock and oldies stations. Suddenly the music that defined your youth and experiences is no longer relevent to modern culture! This feels likes truly horrible the first few times it occurs.

When The Music From Your Youth Is Considered "Oldies" Or "Classic Rock"

There's nothing worse than realizing that there's a whole new generation of young people on the cusp of adulthood. You look at shirts that say class of 2020 and you feel your age. Who knows how old you'll be in 2020, but odds are you won't be graduating high school or college!

When You See Kids Wearing Shirts Saying "Class Of 2020"

The thing that always makes you feel old is realizing that "Back to the Future Part 2" is now set in the past. What was once the future, is now the past. The new generation views it as totally irrevleant even though it was meaningful during your youth!

That "Back To The Future Part 2" Is Now Set In The Past...

You always feel old when you do a physical activity and wake up the next day with horrible aches and pains. You used to be able to go non-stop with zero repurcussions. Now you play a game of basketball and you're ready to nap on the couch with a heating pad for 2 days.

Waking Up With Aches And Pains