What Should Be The Title Of Your Biography?

When you start to tell your life story, what will it be called? Take this quiz now to find out!

Question 1/10

Which word describes you best?

Question 2/10

How do you respond to conflict?
I try to think of the best, most logical solution.
I look on the bright side of the situation - it could be worse!
I try to alleviate any awkwardness with jokes.
I look to friends and family for support.
I tend to run away from conflict.

Question 3/10

How is your day-to-day life like?
Busy and on the go
Relaxed and peaceful
Always changing!

Question 4/10

What fictional book title are you most likely to pick off of a book shelf first?
'Jokes and Bathroom Humor'
'Adventure Stories from a Travel Blogger'
'Smile! It's Only Rain'
'The Recipe for Success'
'I Always Knew It Was You'

Question 5/10

What's your favorite thing to do on a snowy winter's day?
Build a snowman
Sit by the fire
Sip hot chocolate
Start a snowball fight

Question 6/10

What's your signature fashion accessory?
Knit scarf
Fashion watch
Statement rings
Chunky necklace

Question 7/10

What's your favorite movie genre?
Romantic Comedy

Question 8/10

How comfortable are you on airplanes?
VERY comfortable.
I'm okay flying if it gets me to where I want to go.
I hate airplanes!

Question 9/10

Do you spend time volunteering or helping out with charity work?
Yes, I always try to.
No, but I wish I had the time to.
No, I never thought about doing that, but maybe I should?

Question 10/10

If time and money weren't issues, what would your job be?
Stand-up Comedian
Hedge fund manager
You are an optimist, a true 'glass half full' type of person. Your cheerful personality is like a breath of fresh air, and your family and friends count on you to always make their dark days a little brighter. Your biography would be based on how you always look at the bright side of things, and it would be called: 'When Life Gave Me Lemons...'

'When Life Gave Me Lemons...'

You have an adventurous spirit. Nothing gives you more of a satisfying adrenaline rush than embarking on a new journey and thinking of all the exciting places you'll see and people you'll meet. You are a true explorer, and your biography would be all about your life's travels!

'Around the World in One Lifetime'

You are a natural comedian and a free-spirit. You love laughing, joking around, and teasing others - good-naturedly of course! You know life is too short to get easily upset or agitated over little things, and your biography would be a comedy about your light-hearted, youthful life!

'Why So Serious?'

You're a true romantic. You believe in the magic of love because you've experienced it in so many ways throughout your life. You care deeply about those close to your heart, and you will go to great lengths to protect them. Your relationships mean the world to you. Your biography would be about all the beautiful moments of love that you've encountered in your lifetime, and it would be called 'Love Conquered All.'

'Love Conquered All'

You are a hard worker. You're determined to succeed, very driven, and ambitious. Your tenacity is matched by no other. You know how it feels like to climb your way to the top to feel the sweet feeling of success, and your biography would be about your journey to greatness. It would be called 'From Humble Beginnings!'

'From Humble Beginnings to Successful Heights'