Can We Guess Which Generation Your Oldest Child Belongs To?

How you raised your oldest child, might just reveal to us which generation they actually belong to! Can we guess whether your oldest is Millennial, Gen Z, or Gen X? Answer truthfully and we'll reveal the truth! Your parenting and their personalities have more to do with each generation than you think.

Question 1/10
When must your children be indoors for the night?
When the street lights come on.
When it's dinner time.
When they feel like coming in.

Question 2/10
Do you or did you let your kids play video games?
No, not really.
Yes, but in moderation.
All the time, everyone does.

Question 3/10
How many times a day do you talk to your oldest child via text or phone call?
A handful of times.
I'm in constant contact with them.
Just to check in, so maybe once.

Question 4/10
Do you or did you discipline your kids in front of people?
All the time, sometimes it can't wait.
Only if the situation demands it.
No, I would never do that.

Question 5/10
How old was your child when you got them their first cell phone?
Between 17-18
Between 12-16
Around age 7-9.
What cell phone?

Question 6/10
Is or was your kid one to talk back?
Not really, they knew the boundaries well.
Every now and then.
Yup, all the time.

Question 7/10
What's the best punishment in your opinion?
Grounding/not seeing friends.
No TV or internet.
I don't really believe in punishments.

Question 8/10
When your child asks, "why not," what's your response?
Because I said so.
Because that's what people do.
I explain why.

Question 9/10
You're at a store and you come across the toy section. How many toys is your kid allowed to pick out?
Just one
As many as they want
One big toy and one small toy.

Question 10/10
What does your kid call you?
Mom or Dad
Mother or father
My first name
Your oldest child is likely Generation X! While your kid had plenty of freedom to play outside and enjoy being a kid, you also had set boundaries and weren't afraid to lay down the law. Your kids didn't rely on video games or the internet to have a good time because they were too busy playing with Legos or building worlds outside. As a parent, you were equal parts encouraging and realistic. You made sure your kids knew that things wouldn't always come easy, but with hard work, anything was possible!

Generation X
Your oldest child is definitely Generation Z! You really want your kid to like you and be your friend, so much so, that you definitely don't like to set too many boundaries or push the limits. To you, it's important that your child have plenty of time to hang out with friends online, play games, or just be a kid. You aren't afraid to stick up for your child, even if they're in the wrong at school or work. In fact, you'll almost always take their side!

Generation Z
Your oldest child was definitely a millennial! You were a hands on parent who set boundaries, but also let your kid be a kid. You weren't afraid to let them eat junk food or play outside for hours, because that's what childhood is all about. Sure, they played some video games, but they also worked hard at school, used their imaginations, and focused on being good people. While you were always a very encouraging parent who told your child they could be anything, you weren't afraid to throw in a dash of realism.