Can We Guess Your Age And Gender From These 10 Questions?

Answer these questions truthfully and let us tell you about yourself! Think we'd be wrong? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
What type of person are you?
A bit of both!

Question 2/10
Beer or wine?
Both - I can't decide!

Question 3/10
What's your favorite season?

Question 4/10
Which movie genre do you enjoy more?
Romantic Comedy

Question 5/10
Which luxury item would make you happiest?
Diamond Ring
Classic Car
New Kitchen Appliances
Home Entertainment System
Luxury Vacation

Question 6/10
At this point in your life, what's your top priority?

Question 7/10
Describe your fashion sense.
Classic & Clean

Question 8/10
Do you prefer going out to eat or having home-cooked meals?
Going Out
Home-cooked Meals

Question 9/10
Which of the following music genres is your favorite to listen to?
Rap/Hip Hop
Rock & Roll

Question 10/10
On an average weekday, how many hours of sleep do you get?
Less than 6
6-9 hours
More than 9
You are very youthful and fun. You're sassy, spunky, and learning how to be truly independent. You love trendy things - clothes, food, TV shows - and it's very important for you to stay connected with your friends. Are you an under 30 year old female?

Female, Under 30
You are playful and fun. You love joking around and teasing others - good-naturedly of course! You're still finding your way around in life and really trying to climb the ladder of success. You love being on-the-go and doing outdoorsy adventurous things. Are you an under 30 year old male?

Male, Under 30
You're a very caring and warm person. Right now, you're focused a lot on the balance between your career and family life - which is a tough line to walk! You know how to be independent, but you also crave companionship. Are you a 30-45 year old female?

Female, 30-45 years old
At this point in your life, your career is one of your main priorities. It finally feels like you've hit your stride when it comes to your work, and you want to continue to learn, improve, and grow. You also truly understand what it means to want to have a family of your own and protect them with all you've got. Additionally, watching professional sports with your buddies has become one of your all-time favorite past times. Are you a 30-45 year old male?

Male, 30-45 years old
You are at a point in life where you're either finding and experimenting with new and interesting hobbies all the time, or focused on the hobbies that really make you happy. You know that nothing is worth doing if you're not passionate about it, so you've set your life on a path that you're truly pleased with. You are also developing closer relationships with your family members because you've realized how important they are to you. Are you an over 45 year old woman?

Female, Over 45
You see yourself as very wise, cool, calm, and collected. You know how to get around in this world - how to negotiate a higher salary, how to romance a woman, how to show your family that you love them. You feel like you've been through enough in life that it's time you start relaxing and enjoying everything you've worked hard for! Are you an over 45 year old man?

Male, Over 45