What Pet Should You Adopt?

Who should be your faithful companion?

Question 1/10

What is your work schedule like?
All over the place
I sometimes sleep at work
I work from home

Question 2/10

Are you ever away from home for long periods of time?
Yes I am
Once in a rare while
No I'm not

Question 3/10

Are you allergic to any animals?
Furry animals except for cats
Furry animals except for dogs
Furry animals except for rodents
All furry animals

Question 4/10

What size pet do you want?
I wouldn't mind a larger animal
An animal I can pick up and carry
I'd prefer a tiny animal

Question 5/10

How much money do you have to spend on your pet?
As much as they need
I have a bit of money but not a whole lot
I don't really have any money

Question 6/10

How much room do you have for your pet?
I have a big backyard for them
I have a pretty big house they can roam in
They'll have a habitat in one of the rooms
I hardly have any space

Question 7/10

Are you able to exercise and interact with your animal everyday?
Yes I am
Not really

Question 8/10

How do you feel about kids around your animals?
They can play with them with supervision
They can be around them whenever they want
I don't want children around my pet

Question 9/10

What would you do if you were no longer able to care for your pet?
Give it to a shelter
Find a home for it
Release it
I'm not sure

Question 10/10

Can you live with a noisy pet?
I don't mind it
It depends
I couldn't stand it
Cats are very affectionate creature if they get enough love and affection from their owners. They're also very independent animals who tend to sleep quite often. If you take care after your cat well, they'll form a strong bond with you. They are fragile animals who get frightened easily at loud noises or sudden movements.


What you need is man's best friend. Most dogs are highly energetic and need plenty of space to run around and play. They're very affectionate and loving animals who need constant attention from their owners. Some breed of dogs, especially larger ones, may need long hours of training to help them behave appropriately.


What you need is a furry little friend in your life. There are plenty of rodents such as chinchillas or hamsters. While they can form strong bonds with their owners, they need more space than a cat or dog. They need constant care, especially with their habitat.


This is the perfect pet for someone who wants one but can't afford to look over it constantly. It's important to make sure their habitat is well cared after and that they are fed regularly. Make sure you get the right tank size as different breeds need different sizes to swim around in.


This is an energetic and friendly pet that is sure to make you smile. They do love their space but they will form strong bonds with certain people. Make sure their habitat is big enough for them to spread their wings and be comfortable . Certain breeds are more aggressive than others so think carefully before choosing your bird.