Are You Left-Brained?

Are you left-brained? Left-brained people tend to be logical, practical, and focus on the facts of a situation rather than focusing on their emotions. Take this quiz to find out if you fit the left-brain characteristics or if you are more creative, like right-brained people, after all.

Question 1/10
What grades did you usually get in math classes?
A or B
D or F

Question 2/10
Describe your artistic style

Question 3/10
You have a bad feeling about something. Do you automatically trust your intuition or not?
Yes! I always trust my intuition.
No. I'll ignore it and think about what to do logically.
It depends on the situation.

Question 4/10
Do you work better with or without music playing in the background?
I work better without any music playing
I can only work with music if there are no lyrics
I can work with music, but I prefer not to
I work better with music

Question 5/10
Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little?
I can't remember

Question 6/10
Which one of these games interest you the most?
Trivial Pursuit
Cards Against Humanity
I like to make up my own games

Question 7/10
How often do you daydream?
All of the time
I daydream when I am tired or bored

Question 8/10
A song is stuck in your head. What part are you focusing on?
The lyrics
The melody
The whole thing
It depends on the song

Question 9/10
Can you easily learn new languages?
It depends on the language

Question 10/10
Do you think you are left-brained?
Yes. I am highly logical.
No. I know I am creative.
I don't know which I am.
You fit the traits of being left-brained! You are logical and you like to stick with the facts. You don't let your emotions get in the way of your choices. You always think before you act. You are the perfect picture of a left-brained person!

You are nothing like a left-brained person! You are creative, social, and emotional. You can create art with just about anything, but it can be hard for you to use logic. You are an artist on the inside, but you certainly aren't left-brained in your head.

You are a mix of a left and right brain personality. You are a highly balanced person. You are both creative and and analytical, logical and emotional, and fun and serious!

You Are A Mix!