What Percent Cool Are You As A Parent?

Everyone wants to be a cool parent, but what percent cool are you really? Take these 10 questions and discover how cool you really are as a parent. The results may just surprise you!

Question 1/10

How many kids do you currently have?
1 or 2
3 or 4
4 or 5

Question 2/10

Are rated R movies okay for kids?
As long as there isn't sex or profanity
As long as they don't have any questions
Nope this is never acceptable

Question 3/10

If your child expressed an interest in music, what would you do?
Sign them up for music lessons of course
Help them to learn the different types of music
Let them explore their interests on their own

Question 4/10

How hands on are you when it comes to homework?
Very hands on
Somewhat hands on
Not hands on at all

Question 5/10

How do you feel about kids playing sports?
It's a great way for them to learn about teamwork and leadership
It's fine as long as they don't take it too seriously
Sports are way too dangerous

Question 6/10

What kind of nickname are you most likely to give your child?
Something zany and unique
Something ultra embarassing
Something only I would understand

Question 7/10

Would you let your ten year old daughter wear makeup?
Sure as long as it was just for fun
Only around the house
No way I want her to know that beauty comes from within

Question 8/10

At what age will you let your kids start dating?
Whenever they want to
At around 13
At around 15 or 16
When they're 18

Question 9/10

What would be something you'd never let your kids out of the house wearing?
Anything too revealing
Anything that's weather inappropriate
I'd let my kids wear whatever they want
Anything offensive

Question 10/10

What profession would you never let your kids pursue?
Law enforcement
Performing arts
Blue collar work
Banking or finance
I'd let them do whatever they wanted
Based on this quiz, you are 100% cool as a parent! You have nothing to worry about when it comes to being cool. In fact, your parenting style and overall demeanor towards being a mom or dad is totally cool. You're neither overly strict or too lenient too wishy washy or too distant. You've managed to strike an amazing balance!

100% Cool

Based on the results of this quiz you are 75% cool as a parent! You're the parent the other kids won't mind being around. In fact, prepare for your house to be the hangout house once your kids hit their teen years. Not only are you totally open minded and accommodating, but you're warmth emanates too all.

75% Cool

Based on the results of this quiz you are 50% cool as a parent! Most of the time, you're totally cool and fun to be around. But you know that as a parent, being cool isn't always in the cards. Sometimes you have to lay down the law and be a bit un-fun. Fret not, your kids will thank you one day!

50% Cool

Based on the results of this quiz, you are 35% cool as a parent! You understand that it just isn't always possible to be cool when raising kids. Sometimes you have to be a bit strict and demanding of your children. While we all want to be liked, sometimes it's more important to raise your kids right!

35% Cool

Based on the results of this quiz, you are 20% cool as a parent! While you're certainly mellow and fun to be around, you're goal is to raise kids that are polite, good natured, and driven to succeed. Because of this, you sometimes have to play the role of the bad cop as a parent.

20% Cool