What Kind Of Student Would You Be If You Went Back To School?

School is challenging for most students, making their graduation day one of the best days of their lives. But what would happen if you decided to go back to school to further your education? Take this personality quiz to find out what kind of student you would be if you went back to school.

Question 1/10

How did you act when you were in school the first time?
I behaved and did my work
I spent time with my friends and joined clubs
I liked to cause trouble
I liked to do a little of everything

Question 2/10

Your homework is due in a week. When do you do it?
I start the day it is assigned
I start a couple days after it is assigned
I start it the day before it is due

Question 3/10

Did you study in school?
Yes, for every class
Yes, for some classes
No, never

Question 4/10

Did you join any clubs in school?
No, but I had a job
No, but I went to all of the events

Question 5/10

Do you have a family now?
Yes, but I didn't have one when I was in school
Yes, and I had one when I was in school the first time, too

Question 6/10

Why would you go back to school?
To get a degree
To improve my job skills
To relive the college experience
I would only go back to school if someone made me

Question 7/10

You are at school. Where are you most likely to be found when you are not in class?
In the library
At a sports game
In my club
Relaxing in a quiet spot

Question 8/10

What kind of degree would you aim for?
Libral Arts

Question 9/10

How would you feel about going back to school?

Question 10/10

Do you think you have what it takes to get another degree?
If you went back to school, you would be sure to be a star student! You would work hard to make sure that you kept your grades up. You might even join a school club or two. Your teachers would love you, and you would love yourself, knowing that you worked so hard and earned a degree.

You Would Be A Star Student

By the way you answered your questions, we guess that you were a bit of a trouble maker when you were in school, and if you went back, we're not convinced that much would change. Havoc seems to follow you everywhere, but maybe that's because you invite it. School would be crazy with you around.

You Would Be A Trouble Maker

If you went back to school, you would be a socialite. Sure, you would try your best to do your homework, but you would also want to join every club that you could, go to all of the sports games, and hang out with your friends.

You Would Be A Socialite

If you went back to school, your life would be sure to be way busier than it was than the first time around. Your life has changed a lot since you were last in school, and it's only gotten crazier. Could you go back to school? Sure. Just get ready for all of the work if you do!

You Would Be A Busy Bee

You would be the kind of student who kept to themselves if you went back to school. You would be there to learn, not to make friends or to join clubs. It would be easier to find you in a library than at the big game. All you want is a degree, not the parties or anything else that comes with the average college experience.

You Would Be A Quiet Student