What Type Of Movie Theater Goer Are You?

Everyone loves to to go to the movies, but what type of movie theater goer are you? Who do you become as soon as you step inside of those theater doors? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10

When do you arrive at the movie?
15 minutes before start time
10 minutes before start time
5 minutes before start time
During the previews
10 minutes after the movie started

Question 2/10

Where do you like to sit at the theater?
In the middle
In the front
In the very back
Wherever there's a seat available

Question 3/10

What's your concession snack of choice?
Chocolate and candy
Pretzel bites
None of these, too expensive

Question 4/10

What genre of movie are you most likely to see?
A comedy
A drama
An action flick
A horror film
A romance

Question 5/10

How do you buy your tickets?
At the theater
At a kiosk
Online in advance
It depends on the day

Question 6/10

What do you find most annoying at the movies?
Crying babies
People who text
People who arrive late
Noisy candy

Question 7/10

Who do you go to the movies with?
I typically go alone.
My significant other.
My family.
Whoever is available.

Question 8/10

How many times do you get up to go to the bathroom during a movie?
Three times

Question 9/10

Do you stay past the credits for bonus content?

Question 10/10

How often do you go to the movies?
Every week
Once or twice a month
Every few months
A few times a year
At the movies, you're the classic wrapper rustler! Everyone wants to enjoy some snacks during the movie, but you seem to always have the noisiest candies in the whole theater. Your always crinkling open a chocolate bar, shaking open a box of Junior Mints, or generally fighting to get to your favorite candy. Seemingly, you always do this during very important scenes!

The Wrapper Rustler

At the movies, you're the classic late arriver! You're the movie goer who arrives ten minutes into every movie and is always ducking through aisles to try and find a seat. Hunching through row after row, you know you're in the way. While you're not technically hurting anyone, you're definitely a distraction! Try leaving a bit earlier next time!

The Late Arriver

When you go to the movies, you become the narrator! For some reason, you just can't help but articulate the things you see happening on the screen. Whether it's nudging the person next to you for their opinion or letting out an audible gasp at an exciting scene, you just can't seem to keep your comments or excitement to yourself!

The Narrator

When you go to the movies, you always turn into the seat kicker! You've always been a fidgety person and this is never more apparent than when you're seeing the latest flick. Though you don't set out to be a bother, you are always shifting in your seat and kicking the person in front of you. Sure, you feel bad, but you want to be comfortable too!

The Seat Kicker

When you go to the movies, you instantly turn into the smuggler! You're the type who is always smuggling in food, drinks, and even popcorn from home. You've mastered the art of bringing in a bag of McDonalds, opening a wrapper with little to no sound, and covering any smells that might just give your smuggling habits away. Why pay high concession prices when you can smuggle in some food from home?

The Smuggler