How Savage Are You?

Are you the type of person who always has a witty remark or savage comeback on the tip of your tongue? Can you put others in their place with a single look? If so, you might just be a savage! How savage are you really? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Which social media platform are you on the most?
None of these

Question 2/10
Be honest, which of these things is most important to you?
Being succesful
Being liked
Having lots of friends
Making a difference

Question 3/10
As a kid, you were most likely to get in trouble for....
Talking back
Interrupting during class
Crying at recess
Forgetting to return a library book

Question 4/10
You find out someone has been talking about you at work. Do you confront them?
Absolutely, in the most public way possible.
Possibly, but in a passive aggressive way.
Nope, I'm just going to ride this out.

Question 5/10
How many people have blocked you on Twitter?
Too many to remember.
Maybe a handful of people.
No one that I know of.
I don't use Twitter.

Question 6/10
How might your parents describe you in a word?

Question 7/10
Your best friend forgot your birthday. What do you do?
Purposely forget their birthday.
Make a big to-do on their birthday to make them feel bad.
Forgive and forget.

Question 8/10
How would you defeat an enemy?
With clever wordplay.
With a carefully staged prank.
I wouldn't who cares.

Question 9/10
What's your favorite thing about yourself?
How could I ever choose just one thing?
My mind.
My style.
My compassion.

Question 10/10
Choose a sarcastic show:
Gilmore Girls
Will and Grace
Let's face it, you're a super savage person who isn't afraid to call people out on their BS or unleash a memorable tirade of humorous comebacks. You speak your mind, never hold back, and never let others criticize you unfairly. You probably have more than a few enemies, but you don't mind!

Super Savage!
You're a pretty savage person, but you try not to reduce others to tears on a daily basis! While you may not fear confrontation, you know how to choose your battles and tread lightly. Though you may be the kind or queen of the killer comeback, you never hurt anyone's feelings just for fun!

Pretty Savage!
You're not savage at all! Let's face it, you hate confrontation and you don't like to ruffle feathers. When someone says something mean or nasty to you, it's difficult for you to think up a comeback or stand up for yourself. You're a shy and introverted person who tends to avoid any kind of conflict like the plague. You're a people pleaser, which means you're not very savage at all!

Not Savage At All!