What Kind of Coworker Are You?

You might think you're the world's best coworker, but what kind of coworker are you really? It's time to find out once and for all! Take these 10 quiz questions and reveal what kind of coworker you actually are!

Question 1/10

First things first, do you like your job?
It's okay, a job is a job.
I love my job!
My job has its ups and downs.
I loathe my job.
It varies.

Question 2/10

Have you ever been involved in an office romance?
Uh, more than one actually...
No, that's not appropriate.
Not really, but I've had feelings for a coworker.

Question 3/10

You're pretty busy, but your co-worker needs some help. How do you respond?
I tell them that I'm busy and to go away.
I try to make time to help them out.
I politely tell them I can't help them.
I put all of my things aside and help right away.

Question 4/10

What are you most likely to talk about at work?
The news/current events.
My love life.
Work, obviously.
Celebrity gossip.
Anything and everything.

Question 5/10

What are your thoughts on overtime?
Am I getting paid for it?
Overtime is pretty much everyday for me.
I don't do overtime.
Overtime is fine in moderation.

Question 6/10

Everyone is doing happy hour after work. Do you join?
Of course, I planned the outing!
Probably, I could use a stiff drink.
Nah, I have too much to do.
No thanks, I'm on a budget.

Question 7/10

When you're bored at work, you can't help but....
Chit chat with my fellow workers.
Roam around aimlessly.
Look for more work to do.
Google random questions.
Play games on my phone.

Question 8/10

What is your boss most likely to criticize you for?
Not taking things seriously.
Talking too much.
Staying after hours again.
Interrupting at a meeting.
None of these

Question 9/10

Is your desk or office space decorated?
It's my own personal haven!
Nah, who has time for that?
It has It has a few photos.

Question 10/10

Are you usually on time, early, or late?
On time
It varies
You're the swamped coworker! At work, you're the one who almost always has a million things to do and is always on the go. You're always locked into some kind of project with a pressing deadline. Getting back to emails is a huge hassle, as is taking time out of your day to partake in office gossip. You have things to do after all!

The Swamped Coworker

You're the oversharing coworker! As a coworker, you have a tendency to share a bit too much about your life outside of work. You just can't help but go on about that bad date or that thing your cat did. While some coworkers appreciate your refreshing honesty, others want you to check your sharing habits at the door!

The Oversharer

You're the office comedian! As a coworker, you almost always have the rest of the office in stitches. Whether it's perfecting an imitation of your boss or simply observing the world around you, the office can't help but laugh out loud at everything you do!

The Office Comedian

You're the coworker who tells it like it is! As a coworker, you have a tendency to be brutally honest and up front about everything. You're not one to hold back and you certainly don't like to sugar coat. You always tell it like it is, even if it means being a bit less than popular in your working life.

The One Who Tells It Like It Is

You're the social director! You're the type of coworker who is always planning parties, get togethers, and bonding trips outside of work. You want your work family to be as close as your actual family! This means lots of extracurriculars outside of your 9 to 5!

The Social Director