Which New York City Job Should You Have?

If you were to live in New York City, what job would you have? Would you be a wolf on wall street? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and find out which New York City job you should have!

Question 1/10

Which of these describes you?
Advice giver
Good at communicating

Question 2/10

You're waiting in a long line at the bagel shop. What are you doing?
Responding to emails.
Tapping my foot impatiently.
Audibly complaining.
Texting a friend.
Looking at the candy options.

Question 3/10

You're running late for work. How do you get there on time?
Hail a cab
Call an uber
Ride the subway
Walk as fast as I can
Give up and go home

Question 4/10

What outfit would you wear?
Something glamorous
Something sophisticated
Something comfortable
Something trendy

Question 5/10

What are you like under pressure?
I'm calm, cool, and collected.
I'm a total basket case.
I'm a bit edgy, but nothing bad.

Question 6/10

It's lunch time. What are you grabbing to eat?
A big salad with superfoods.
A deli sandwich.
Ramen or sushi.

Question 7/10

What sounds like fun?
Proving your point
Performing a play

Question 8/10

How important is money in a job?
Money is everything, lets be real.
Money is important, but I also want to be happy.
Money helps, but it's not everything.
I'd like a lot of money and possibly some fame.

Question 9/10

How much time do you need with your family and friends?
It's very important I want a work/life balance.
It's not important, in fact, I'd like to see them less.
It's somewhat important, I'd like some free time.

Question 10/10

What would be your favorite part of city life?
The people
The food
The culture
The money
I don't know.
The New York City job you should have is stockbroker! You're driven, cut throat, and always work well under pressure. You're good with numbers and even better at schmoozing. You're not one to falter when the heat is on and always keep your wits about you. You're not afraid to work long hours, keep up on portfolios, or sacrifice some time at home!


The New York City job that you should have is journalist! You're a curious and creative person who is always looking for the whole story and the facts. You don't take anything at face value and love to dig. You're always one to follow a lead and have killer instincts. It's obvious that journalism is the career for you!


The New York City job that you should have is Uber driver! You're not the type of person who likes to stick to a schedule or have every day of your life preplanned. Instead, you like to do things on your own terms and on your own time. You're a people person with great social skills and a true charm. You could make a killer living as an Uber drive in NYC!

Uber Driver

The New York City job you should have is restaurant owner! Not everyone is cut out to open a restaurant in NYC, but you sure are. You're driven, smart, business savvy, and always up to date on what's trendy. You truly have a knack for reading people and knowing exactly what they want. You work well under pressure and don't sweat the small stuff. You could own a killer restaurant!

Restaurant Owner

The New York City job that you should have is a ballet dancer! You're fit, mindful of what you eat, and always looking for new ways to be creative. You're cultured and artistic, with a love of the high life. You're not afraid to work hard or put in long hours, as long as you're not sacrificing your personal vision or life!

Ballet Dancer