What Is Your True Gift?

We all have unique gifts that make us who we truly are. Some of us are healers while some of us are history makers. Do you know what your true gift is? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

What is the best way to learn something new?
Through doing
Through observation
From books
From a tutorial
Through school

Question 2/10

When you see someone crying, you can't help but feel....
An emotional connection
Nothing at all
A little awkward
Called to help them
Obligated to ask if they're okay

Question 3/10

Which statement applies to you?
I love to help others
I love to create new things
I love to solve puzzles
I love to listen and observe
I love to socialize

Question 4/10

Which type of insect would you most like to be?
Honey bee
Lady bug

Question 5/10

What matters most in life?
Being happy
Being recognized
Being rich
Being content
Being creative

Question 6/10

Do you believe you are a good liar?
Not a chance

Question 7/10

Do you feel as if intense eye contact is intimidating?
It depends on the person
No eyes are the windows of the soul

Question 8/10

What time of day do you feel most at peace?

Question 9/10

What would others say is your greatest quality?
My sense of humor
My creativity
My ability to listen
My intelligence
My warmth

Question 10/10

Who do you feel taught you the most in life?
My teachers
My parents
My friends
My co-workers
My spiritual leaders
Your true gift is being a people magnet! People have always been drawn to your charisma and charm. You have a way with others that is special and unique. Not only can you disarm just about anyone with a smile, but you have the amazing ability to make others feel warm and included, just by talking to them. Your gift is life changing to so many people!

The People Magnet

Your true gift is being a healer! With helpful words and a big heart, you have the amazing ability to heal others with your kindness and compassion. Whether it's listening to a friend in need or going the extra mile to ensure someone else has a good day, your true talent is healing the world.

The Healer

Your true gift is being a history maker! Unlike so many people, you could never settle for normal or average. You see the needs in the world and you strive to fulfill them. You will make history with your ambition and drive to make the world a better safer place for all of mankind.

The History Maker

Your true gift is being a creative thinker! You have the unique ability to solve just about any problem and create beautiful art out of nothing. Your brain is highly innovative and passionate about making things better for all. Your creativity will truly take you farther than you could've ever imagined going.

The Creative Thinker

Your true gift is being a helper! Are you the type of person who will always stop and help someone fix a flat tire? Have you carried groceries for an elderly person on more than one occasion? We thought so! You're a true helper. You hate to see others struggle and will always do whatever you possibly can to lend a helping hand to your fellow man.

The Helper