What Is Your Anger Level?

Are you as calm and peaceful as can be? Or are you a complete hot head? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10

What kind of person are you?
A bit of both!

Question 2/10

A friend comes to you with a problem. What's your first thought?
Let me help him!
I wish things were different for him, but I don't know how I can help.
Why does he have to come to me with his problems all the time?

Question 3/10

You've worked for two hours on an essay, and all of a sudden, your computer crashes and you haven't saved your work! What do you do?
Immediately rush to the nearest computer fix-it place
Scream or pull your hair out in frustration
Call a friend to vent about how stupid your computer is

Question 4/10

Choose a color!
Fire engine red
Robin's egg blue
Forest green
Neon orange

Question 5/10

What do you do to calm down when you're upset?
Go for a run
Punch a pillow
Complain about whatever's making you angry

Question 6/10

You've been craving a hot dog from the baseball stadium since you got tickets to the game three weeks ago. You stand in line for what seems like forever, and when you finally get your hot dog, a kid bumps into you and makes you drop it! What's your reaction?
I can't believe I'm going to have to stand in the line again!
To the kid's parents: Why can't you control your kid?
To the kid: You should have watched where you were going. Look what you made me do!
You decide to eat a hot dog another time.

Question 7/10

Have you ever been in a fistfight?
Yes, but it was just for fun.
Yes, it was very intense.

Question 8/10

You just finished washing the dishes, and your roommate tosses three more plates smothered in food in the sink. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most, how angry does this make you?

Question 9/10

You're looking forward to sun bathing on the beach during your day off, but when that day comes, it's overcast and cloudy. What's your reaction?
I hate this weather!
I guess I'll have to do it another day.
Why does this always happen to me?!

Question 10/10

Choose the word that best describes yourself.
Laid back
You are a very peaceful, calm, and serene person. You don't let anything upset or anger you very often, and on the rare chance that you do get worked up about something, you know it takes a lot for that to happen! You are easy-going and laid back. Your anger level is VERY low.

Very Low

You are a relaxed, easy-going person most of the time. However, you know that when people or issues close to your heart are involved, you get very passionate and may yell or scream a little. Otherwise, you remain cool, calm, and collected. Your anger level is low to medium.


You're a very passionate person. You love intellectual conversations, and with those, come intellectual arguments. You aren't afraid to speak your mind, even if that means getting into a little war of words now and then. When you start on the angry train, it's hard to stop you! Your anger level is medium to high.


You live a fast-paced life and tons of thoughts bounce through your head every day. Because of these things, you're often very tightly wound and easily upset. Don't forget - life's too short to get angry about every single little thing! Your anger level is high.

Very High