What Is Your Anger Type?

Are you passive aggressive, emotional, blunt and honest, or something else altogether when you get angry? Take this quiz to find out! Warning: Some scenarios in this quiz may cause your blood pressure to rise!

Question 1/10

How often do you feel angry?
Almost every day
Once in a blue moon
2-3 times a week
Maybe once or twice a month, when someone does something really stupid or bad
Me? Angry? Nah.

Question 2/10

What do you do to calm yourself down when you're angry?
Scream when no one can hear me
Punch or kick something
Grit my teeth and pull at my hair
Get even with the person who did me wrong
Talk it out with a friend or family member

Question 3/10

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most, how violent do you get when you get angry?

Question 4/10

Angry or not, which word describes your personality best?

Question 5/10

Do you usually show others that you're angry?
Yes, definitely.
Yes, but not in big dramatic ways.
No, I try to hide it.

Question 6/10

What do you dream about most often?
Things that make me angry
Bombs, explosions, storms
Family and friends
I don't remember really

Question 7/10

Which of the following makes you most angry?
When people act or speak without thinking
When someone provokes me on purpose
When someone else isn't treated fairly
When I'm angry and someone accuses me of being too dramatic
People who always try to figure out what I'm feeling

Question 8/10

Do YOU think your anger has become a problem?

Question 9/10

You were saving a piece of your favorite chocolate cake (your name is on the container) in the office refrigerator. The next day, you open the fridge to see that someone has taken a bit out of it! What is your first reaction?
I'm gonna make that person pay.
[Kicks the refrigerator]
Really? Another thing to piss me off today?!
What if this person is eating everyone else's food too?
I'm not gonna show anyone I'm angry, but I'm VERY angry.

Question 10/10

What usually makes you angry?
When someone else is treated unfairly
When someone fools or tricks me
When something REALLY bad happens that just makes anyone wanna scream
A lot of things really, people in general
Little things that I shouldn't be angry about
When you are angry, you try to hide it and pretend that everything is okay. However, what often happens is that things that are bottled up inside start to build up, and you often become sarcastic and mean while others don't know what's wrong because you haven't told them. Don't be afraid to express your feelings!

Passive Anger

When you are angry, it is a HUGE deal. You definitely let your feelings show. In fact, you feel the NEED to let your anger out in the most dramatic of ways: kicking, screaming, shouting, punching things, to name a few! You are very volatile when you're not happy, and that's something to warn your friends about!

Volatile Anger

It always feels like you're angry about something, doesn't it? There are so many things that upset you that you're chronically angry about one thing or the next. Maybe try some meditation techniques or find a way to release all of that anger so that it's not such an ongoing event.

Chronic Anger

When you get angry, the one thing on your mind is getting back at who or what made you angry in the first place. You're a very vengeful person, and nothing makes you feel better until you get your revenge on the cause of your anger! However, you should always try to calm down first, then look at the situation from all points of view - that may help!

Vengeful Anger

You are a very caring, loving, and giving person. When you get angry, it's usually because someone else is in trouble, is hurting, or has been wrong - it's rarely about you. You express empathic anger. You feel for others and want THEM to be happy and comfortable!

Empathic Anger