What Is Your Sanity Level?

Sometimes life can make us feel as if we're completely losing our sanity. Do you know what your current sanity level is? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

What has your sleeping been like as of late?
It's been easily disrupted
I've been having trouble sleeping
I sleep like a baby
It depends on the night

Question 2/10

How often do your moods swing from elation to anger or sadness?
Very often
Only when it's that time of the month
Almost never

Question 3/10

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would your ate your ability to communicate with others?

Question 4/10

You're at a lake with your friends with a 40-ft cliff for jumping into the lake. What are you most likely to do?
Jump first
Push someone over
Be the last to jump
Stay at the bottom

Question 5/10

Have you ever been arrested?
On more than on occasion
No not ever
I don't remember

Question 6/10

Do you believe you play an important part in life?
Most definitely
I struggle with self importance

Question 7/10

Would you ever consider streaking?
I think it'd be freeing
I'd consider it
No way
Have I been drinking?

Question 8/10

You're out with a group of friends and everyone decides to do something you're not interested in. What do you do?
I immediately go home
I throw a tantrum
I grin and bear it
I see it as an opportunity to try something new

Question 9/10

How often do you get the feeling of being stuck or trapped?
When I'm stressed
Every now and then

Question 10/10

What do you see when you look in the mirror?
A gorgeous face staring back
A good person
A person with flaws
Myself as I am
Your sanity level is a touch insane! Have you been feeling out of sorts? Have your moods been up and down? We thought so. You're feeling a bit out of your mind as of late. Between stress, commitments, and daily life, you feel as if you're not getting an adequate amount of downtime.

A Touch Insane

Your sanity level is borderline insane! Stress is taking a huge toll on your mental health lately. You're obviously not clinically insane, but you're feeling a bit less than sane as of late. From irritability to mood swings, you feel out of control of your emotions and your life.

Borderline Insane

You feel as if you're losing your mind! You know you're a mentally sound person, but you can't help but feel out of sorts. You're having difficulty concentrating, enjoying things you used to enjoy, and just getting through a day without having an irritable moment. Our advice? Take a break, relax, and find some time for yourself.

Losing Your Mind

You're feeling a bit out of control! While you're quite away that control is an illusion in life, you can't help but want to hold onto it anyway. Lately, it feels like your life is a top spinning wildly in every direction. You're just trying to find balance and some semblance of contentment in this crazy world.

Feeling Out of Control

You are mentally fit as a fiddle! There's no question about it, you're as sane as they come. You've developed an arsenal of coping skills that have lead you to leading a perfectly happy and stable life. You used to let stress get you down, but not any more. You've decided that life is too short to feel stressed about the small stuff.

Mentally Fit