What Does Love Mean To You?

What does love mean to you? It is something magical that only comes around once in a lifetime, does it happen often, is it everywhere, or does it even exist? Are you curious about how you truly feel about love? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10

How many times have you been in love?
I have never been in love, but I hope to be one day
I have never been in love, and I don't want to be
I have been in love once/I am currently in love for the first time
I have been in love more than once

Question 2/10

Which type of love is most important to you?
They are all the most important

Question 3/10

Finish this quote, "Love is..."
...A beautiful lie
...For soul mates
... A mystery

Question 4/10

Do you love your pets?
Some of them
I don't have pets

Question 5/10

You reach a fork in the road. Which way do you go?
Right, I'm sure that's the right way
Left, it might be the right way
I'll flip a coin and pick based on how it lands
I'll take the path that looks the least dangerous

Question 6/10

Are you a parent?
No, but I am expecting
No, but I want to be one day
No, and I don't want to be

Question 7/10

Are you a morning or night person?
I am a morning lark
I am a night owl
I am somewhere in the middle

Question 8/10

Which would you prefer?
Living alone
Living with friends
Living with my partner
Living with a big family

Question 9/10

How optimistic are you?
I am very optimisitc
I am pessimisstic
I am in the middle

Question 10/10

If your partner proposed today, would you say yes?
No, I'm not in love
No, not yet (for a reason other than love)
I do not have a partner
No, but I am already engaged/married
Love is all around you in every part of life, which is probably why it means so much to you. You see love everywhere. It's not just romantic love that matters to you, but love in all of its forms. Enjoy every minute of it.

Love Means Everything To You

You believe in a type of romantic love that reigns above all else. You may already be in love, or you may be looking for someone to love you. To you, love is like how it is in the fairy tales. Hopefully, one day you will find romantic love like this.

Love Is For Soul Mates

You have been harden by something in your lifetime. Many people who do not believe in love have been hurt by someone in the past. Love may mean nothing to you know, but you may also find it in the future. Good luck.

Love Isn't Real

Love means a lot to you, and that's because you take all kinds of love into account when you think about this feeling. You don't only care about romantic love, but family and platonic love as well. Love guides all of your relationships, and hopefully, it can guide them for the better.

All Types Of Love Are Important

Love is a complicated feeling, and you aren't really sure what to think of it. You may need to get involved in more relationships to truly know what love means to you.

Love Is Confusing