Is Your Life A Dream Or A Nightmare?

Is your life a total dream or a waking nightmare? If you've been wondering just how your life really appears from the outside, it's time to find out. To the quiz!

Question 1/10
How many friends do you have?
I'm not really into having friends.
I have a great close group of friends.
I have a ton of friends!

Question 2/10
Do you own a pet?
I own a dog.
I own a cat.
I own a dog and a cat.
I don't have any pets.
I have something different.

Question 3/10
You are walking in the street and there is a banana skin on the floor, what happens?
I fell before I even noticed it.
I narrowly avoided the peel.
I took a picture to show my friends online.

Question 4/10
When you are at a party, you tend to feel...
Pretty excited and alive. I love to be around people!
A little bit lonely and uncomfortable.
Indifferent, I could have easily just stayed home.

Question 5/10
What would you rather drink before bed?
A glass of milk.
A mug of tea.
A shot of whiskey.

Question 6/10
You are walking on the beach, how do you feel?
Spry and confident.
Good, the sunshine is nice!
Upset, I hate the beach!

Question 7/10
In front of everybody, you drop your plate and it breaks, how do you feel?
Absolutely mortified, this stuff always happens to me!
A bit embarrassed, but I laugh it off.
Things happen, it could've been anyone.

Question 8/10
Even if you slather on sunscreen, odds are....
I'm getting a terrible sunburn.
I'm getting a gorgeous bronze tan!
I'm going to get a bit red.

Question 9/10
Are you usually the one getting broken up with or doing the dumping?
I'm usually the one getting dumped.
I'm usually the one doing the dumping.
It's a mixed bag.

Question 10/10
Do you believe in luck?
No, I believe in hardwork.
I'm a firm believer in luck.
I think life is 50% luck, 50% attitude.
Lucky you, your life is a total dream! It seems as if you've always had lady luck on your side. While you're not immune from problems, you don't seem to have many major obstacles or hurdles thrown in your way. Things have a tendency to work out as you want them to, something you've always been pretty grateful for!

Your Life Is A Dream!
Right now, your life is a bit more like a nightmare than a dream! It's not that you're life is all bad, it's just that you can't seem to get things to go your way. Right now, you feel as if whatever can go wrong will go wrong. When will you wake up from this bad dream? Odds are pretty soon. Keep your chin up and focus on what's going right!

Your Life Is A Nightmare!
Like so many people, you're life is both a nightmare and a dream! Not everyday can be a walk in the park, but not everyday is a waking nightmare either. Every life is full of ups and downs, what matters most is your attitude and how you react to whatever is thrown your way. Can you make your nightmarish times a dream by simply staying positive? We sure think so!

Your Life Is A Mix Of Both!