How Self-Aware Are You, Actually?

Have you ever wondered how self-aware you really are? You can find out by taking this quiz!

Question 1/10
Which of these adjectives describes you?

Question 2/10
How much joy do you derive just from being alive?
Intense joy
Sometimes I feel joyful
Not joy, but happiness at times
Not much

Question 3/10
How comfortable are you with yourself?
Completely comfortable
Quite comfortable
Usually reasonably comfortable
Not very comfortable

Question 4/10
Imagine you have made a mistake. How easily are you able to understand your actions?
Very easily. I understand myself very well.
Quite easily, after a lot of reflection
I often have a lot of trouble with this.
I sometimes find this impossible.

Question 5/10
You find some thoughts are distressing you. Are you able to control your thoughts?
Yes, I am very good at this.
I am often quite good at this.
This takes a bit of effort, but I can often do this.
I can rarely do this
I can really never do this

Question 6/10
Life can be difficult, and you can't always control certain circumstances. But how much control do you feel you have over the way you react to the circumstances?
A high degree of control
A lot of control
Quite a bit of control
Not very much control
Very little control

Question 7/10
You are spending the day alone. Do you enjoy your own company?
Yes, very much so! I love having time alone.
Yes, I most often do.
I very often do.
I occasionally do.
I never do. I absolutely always feel lonely and anxious.

Question 8/10
You've gone back to school, and you have to take a philosophy course! How do you feel about this?
Very excited! I love thinking.
Really excited!
Glad! It should be interesting.
A little worried, but it should be fascinating.
Not very happy. I don't enjoy thinking very much.

Question 9/10
Do you enjoy taking part in debates?
Yes, I love debating! I love thinking about ideas.
I enjoy debating on interesting topics!
I usually enjoy it quite a bit.
Once in a while I enjoy it.
Very rarely, or never

Question 10/10
Do you enjoy meditation? Do you feel that you have developed the discipline of mind to be good at it? It doesn't need to be a formal type of meditation, but just meditation generally.
I love meditation. I'm very good at it.
I enjoy meditation, yes.
I like meditation, and I'm usually quite good at it.
I find I am effective at meditation sometimes, but often I'm not.
I'm not very good at meditation.
Congratulations! You are spiritually self-aware. It takes a great deal of reflection and wisdom to get to this stage of self-awareness, so you should be very proud of yourself.

Spiritually self-aware
Wow! You are super self-aware! You know yourself inside and out, and this level of wisdom gives you a great advantage in decision-making, and in living your life generally!

Super self-aware
You are deeply self-aware! You have an unusually high level of self-awareness. Good for you! Many people are unwilling to do the amount of reflection and self-examination needed to gain this level of wisdom.

Deeply self-aware
Good for you! You are still very much in the process of developing your self-awareness. You still have a way to go, but you are not one to shy away from the reflection and self-examination you will need to do. You are strong!

Growing in self-awareness
You are a very intelligent person, but you need to do quite a bit more work on your level of self-awareness. There's no need to feel bad about this, though! It's exciting to think that you still have the journey of self-examination and reflection before you!

More self-awareness needed