How Fake Irish Are You Really?

Around St. Patrick's Day, everyone is suddenly Irish! The question is: just how fake Irish are you? Are you the greatest faker of all? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
What do you put in a cup of tea?
Milk and sugar
Nothing at all
Tea is terrible!

Question 2/10
You're heading out for a walk when it starts to rain, what do you do?
Turn around and go back home.
Trudge around in the rain and go with it.
Head to the bar instead.

Question 3/10
If someone looked in your closet, what color would they find the most of?

Question 4/10
Do you know the Irish national anthem?

Question 5/10
What's your favorite way to spend St. Patrick's Day?
At the bar obviously!
At a parade.
At an Irish festival.
At home with some whiskey.

Question 6/10
You're out to eat and tragically endure a terrible meal. What do you do?
Finish it anyway, I don't want to be rude.
Talk the waiter and have it sent back.
Double up on alcohol to endure.

Question 7/10
Where can we most likely find you after work?
At home, kicking back with a drink and some TV.
At the bar with friends, happy hour!
Running errands, catching up on work.
Taking a long deserved nap.

Question 8/10
What kind of school did you attend?
Public school
Private school
Catholic school
None of these

Question 9/10
You see someone you know on the street. What do you do?
Turn and walk in the opposite direction.
Take a fake phone call to avoid conversation.
Give them a hug and ask them how they are.

Question 10/10
Is anyone in your family actually Irish?
Based on the results of this Irish quiz, you're as fake Irish as they come! Though you don't have a stitch of Irish heritage in your bloodlines, that doesn't stop you from going all out on St. Patrick's Day. You'll don your greatest green outfit, talk in an Irish accent, and genuinely step into the role of "Irish Person." You may not be very Irish at all, but you sure do try!

You're A Total Fake!
Based on the results of this Irish quiz, you're kind of a fake! You have a little bit of Irish in your bloodlines, but not enough to truly call yourself a true Irish person. Still, you embrace what little Irish you possess and go all out on St. Patrick's Day. You love a good Guinness and you've been known to rock more green than a leprechaun!

You're Kind Of A Fake!
Based on the results of this Irish quiz, you're not a fake at all! It's obvious that you've got quite a bit of Irish in your heritage, which means you're the real deal! You don't have to fake anything on St. Patrick's Day because being Irish just courses through your veins. You find green beer to be an atrocity and know that there's nothing a bit of Guinness and some corned beef can't fix!

You're Not A Fake At All!