Are You A Neat Freak?

Are you totally normal about being neat or are you a total neat freak? Take these 10 questions and find out just how much of a neat freak you are!

Question 1/10
Have you ever yelled at a dinner guest for not using a coaster?
Yes I have
I try to sneak one under their drinks when not looking
I've advised, but I've never yelled
No way it's not a big deal
I don't even own coasters

Question 2/10
My handwriting tends to be _________.
Sloppy and all over the place
Elegant and curvy
Neat and tidy
Large and loopy

Question 3/10
In my fridge you will find _____________.
A variety of old take out containers
Everything organized by type
Everything sorted by color
A bunch of food

Question 4/10
How many times per day do you wash your hands?
After I use the restroom
Before I eat
Like every hour

Question 5/10
On average I mop the floors of my house ___________.
Twice a week
Once a week
Every other week
Wait, I'm supposed to mop the floors?

Question 6/10
Good grammar is ___________.
Vital and important
Not important

Question 7/10
What's the best way to remove a grease stain?
With baking soda and water
You don't remove a grease stain
I would just throw the item away and buy a new one

Question 8/10
What are your thoughts on pets?
They're amazing companions
They shed like crazy
They bring dirt into the house
They are endless sources of joy
They belong outside

Question 9/10
My closet is organized by ________.
Nothing at all

Question 10/10
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are _________.
More important to me than my spouse
The greatest invention of the 21st century
I don't know what you're talking about
You are a total neat freak! Not only is your house completely organized, mess free, and clean as a whistle; your life is organized as well. You like every aspect of your existence to be free of clutter and mess. You plan every aspect of your day and always maintain a tight schedule.

Total Neat Freak
You are obsessively neat! In your opinion, neatness is next to godliness. Having an orderly house and an orderly life makes for a more pleasant existence. Your closets are organized by color. Your fridge is organized by item. And your life is organized by a color coded planner. We like your style!

Obsessively Neat
You are neat and tidy! In your opinion, keeping things neat and tidy is easier than cleaning up a large mess that's gotten out of hands. It's easier to maintain than to overhaul. You try to keep every area of your life as neat as possible, while still leaving room for fun and a little bit of mess every now and then.

Neat and Tidy
You are normal and neat! You know that life can't always be clean and tidy, in fact, life is almost always a bit messy. You control what you can but you never obsess about the little things. When it comes to cleaning, you always keep your house neat without going overboard.

Normal and Neat
You are a bit messy! No one is ever going to accuse you of being a neat freak. Your abode is a little bit messy and chaotic, but that's just the way you like it. You believe that their are more important things in life than planning and cleaning obsessively. You like to focus more on having a good time.

A Bit Messy