What Is Your True Moral Alignment?

Everyone has a moral alignment that determines how good or evil they truly are. On the axis of moral alignment, where do you fall? Ready to discover your true moral alignment? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10

When feeling blue, you tend to listen to music that is...
Sad or mournful.
Happy and upbeat.
Angry and chaotic.

Question 2/10

You've fallen in love with someone your family forbids. What do you do?
Continue to date them in secret.
Be upfront with my feelings to my family.
Break up with them immediately.
Cut ties from my family for love.

Question 3/10

You're hired for a job way across country, but your mother is ill and needs care. What do you do?
Turn down the job to help my mother.
Hire someone to take care of my mother.
Offer to do the job remotely.
Take the job and leave.

Question 4/10

You're running late for work when a distressed stranger asks for your help. What do you do?
Tell them I don't have time.
Stop and thelp them, it's worth being late.
Ignore them completely.
Call my boss and explain the situation.

Question 5/10

In your heart, you believe that people are generally....
Very good at heart.
Somewhat good at heart.
Both good and evil.
Evil or bad.

Question 6/10

If you saw someone about to step into a huge puddle, you would...
Laugh at their misfortune.
Try to warn them beforehand.
Help them out afterwards.
Embarrass them boldly.

Question 7/10

Yo offer to chaperone your niece on a field trip. You tend to curse a lot in everyday life. Do you tone it back today?
Yes, definitely.
A little bit.
No, they'll learn it eventually.
I would never chaperone a field trip.

Question 8/10

You found a random cell phone on the street. You're tempted to keep it. What do you do?
I keep it, I could use a new phone.
I try to track down the owner.
I turn it over to the police.
It depends on my mood.

Question 9/10

When someone disagrees with your opinion, you....
Cut them out of your life.
Try to see things from their side.
Try to convince them that you're right.
Agree to disagree.

Question 10/10

When you watch skateboarding videos, you hope...
They completely wipe out.
They fall but don't get hurt.
They ace every trick.
They nail the jump.
Your moral alignment is lawful and good, aka: the crusader! You always aim to be a good person and do what you believe is in line with being "good." You oppose evil, hate, and injustice, always fighting for what's right. You tell the truth, keep your word, and always aim to help those in need.

Lawful Good, "Crusader"

Your moral alignment is "neutral good." You do the best you can to do be a good person and often feel devoted to helping others. Neutral good is one of the best alignments because do you do what's right without bias and without going against order. You don't seek accolades for being a good person or making sound choices, you do it because it is the right thing to do.

Neutral Good, "Benefactor"

Your moral alignment is "chaotic good!" You act as your conscience directs and have very little regard for what others expect of you. You make your own way in the world. Though you're kind, you can also be a bit benevolent. You believe in goodness but sort of hate laws and regulations, believing that they can intimidate others. You don't always see eye to eye with society and follow your own moral compass.

Chaotic Good, "Rebel"

Your moral alignment is "lawful neutral!" You act as law, tradition, and personal code directs you to. Unlike some people, you crave order and organization. You hate when things feel out of control or messy. Often times, you find yourself living by a personal code or standard of conduct. You favor strong organized leaders and a government that is involved in maintaining order.

Lawful Neutral, "Judge"

Your moral alignment is "chaotic neutral." You're a free spirit who follows your many whims. Before anything else, you're an individualist who values your own liberty and strives to protect your own freedom. You hate feeling "tied down" and tend to move around from place to place. While you're a basically good person who seeks to do no harm to others, your free spirited nature can get you into trouble from time to time.

Chaotic Neutral, "Free Spirit"