How Ethical Are Your Opinions In The Modern Age?

In the modern age, it's more difficult than ever to maintain ethical opinions. Do you know how ethical your opinions really are? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
How do you make decisions?
Based on what's right
Based on what's right for me
Based on the opinions of others
Based on outcome

Question 2/10
How often do you post your opinions on social media?
Every couple of days
Once a week
Hardly ever

Question 3/10
Is it important for you to be right all of the time?

Question 4/10
What’s more important when it comes to friendship: quality or quantity?

Question 5/10
Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person?

Question 6/10
What’s the most important thing a person can be in this life?

Question 7/10
What motivates you to succeed?
My faith/values
My family
My friends
My will to suceed

Question 8/10
Do you tend to form opinions based on your friends or peers?

Question 9/10
Is it important for you to fit in with others?

Question 10/10
When was the last time you performed a selfless act?
Last week
Last month
Based on the results of this quiz, your opinions are 100% ethical. You’ve always been an overtly moral person. You tend to base your decisions on right versus wrong rather than what would please you most in the moment. In the same vein, you base your opinions off of what is ethically right rather than what is overtly popular.

100% Ethical
Based on the results of this quiz, your opinions are 75% ethical! While you do base a few off your opinions on what’s popular or currently on trend, the bulk of your judgements are rooted in what is right and what is wrong. Because of this, you never hurt others and always strive to do what is right.

75% Ethical
Based on the results of this quiz, you are 50% ethical! We get it, doing the right thing is rarely the easy thing. While you may slip up from time to time and base your judgements and opinions on what’s easy or convenient rather than what’s right, you never make a big decision from a place of popularity.

50% Ethical
Based on the results of this quiz, your opinions are 30% ethical! In a digital age, it’s harder than ever to believe something from a place of purity and morality. With so many outside vices influencing our everyday lives, it isn’t easy to do the right thing. While some of your opinions may be rooted in what’s popular or trendy rather than what’s right, you still maintain a core of ethics.

30% Ethical
Based on the results of this quiz, your opinions are 20% ethical. It’s harder than ever to maintain a sense of ethics when it comes to your opinions. While you’d never intentionally hurt or offend, you tend to base your opinions on what is trendy rather than on what is ethically sound.

20% Ethical