Could You Cut It As An Elementary School Teacher?

Think molding the minds of the youth is a walk in the park? It may not be as easy as you think! Could you cut it as an elementary school teacher? Answer these 10 quiz questions and find out. You may not be classroom ready just yet.

Question 1/10
How do you most like to communicate with others?
Face to face.

Question 2/10
Which group did you fit into back in high school?

Question 3/10
Which of your traits is strongest?

Question 4/10
How would you describe your imagination in one word?

Question 5/10
How would you describe your level of patience?
Monk like.
Pretty high.
Not high at all.

Question 6/10
Which scenario scares you the most?
Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
Public speaking.
Being criticized by a superior.
Getting sneezed on.

Question 7/10
What is your leadership style like?

Question 8/10
If you were to get a call from an angry parent, your reaction would be...
Calmly hear them out.
Ignore their call.
Defend myself.
Listen, but do nothing.

Question 9/10
Which would frustrate you the most?
Being interrupted.
Not getting paid enough.
Following a set plan.
Being disrespected.

Question 10/10
Do you have any children?
I have older children.
I have small children.
I don't have any children.
I have many pets.
You're most definitely teacher material! Aside from being bright and creative, you have the patience necessary for teaching elementary school. You're not afraid to embrace your imagination or be innovative when necessary. You think on your feet, know how to stay calm, and always have the best interests of your students in mind. If only everyone could have had a teacher like you!

Teacher Material
Well, don't quit your day job for a career in teaching just yet! While you might be intelligent and creative, you lack the patience that every teacher requires. Dealing with demanding parents, off the wall behaviors, and those who simply don't get what you're saying would be a struggle for someone like you. While we don't doubt your warmth or your bright mind, we don't know if an elementary school is the right environment for you.

Don't Quit Your Day Job
You would be a solid teacher worthy of a spot in an elementary school. Creative, imaginative, patient and calm. You know how to teach to every child regardless of skill level or background. With a true sense of purpose and who you are, dealing with the demands of teaching and parents wouldn't stress you out, it would bring you true fulfillment. Maybe it's time to quit your day job and start anew?

A Solid Teacher