How Forgetful Are You Really?

Do you have photographic memory, or are you on the other end of the spectrum, forgetting where you put your keys all the time? Take this quiz to find out, but don't forget to finish it to see your results!

Question 1/10
Do you keep a day planner or calendar?
Yes, faithfully.
Yes, but sometimes I forget to write down dates and appointments.
No, I never have.

Question 2/10
Do you remember the name of the last movie you watched?

Question 3/10
You're at a networking cocktail party. How easy is it for you to remember the names of everyone you meet?
I'm terrible at remembering names.
Fairly easy, if they are memorable.
Only easy if they have unique names.
Very easy - I'm great at remembering names!

Question 4/10
Do you know all the words to the national anthem?
Of course!
I remember them once I hear the anthem being sung.
Unfortunately, no.

Question 5/10
Can you recall what you had for breakfast on Monday?

Question 6/10
What was the last thing you realized you had forgotten?
The name of someone I just met
A family member's birthday
My anniversary
Where I put my keys

Question 7/10
Have you ever burned something while cooking because you forget how long it had been cooking?
Yes, more than a few times.
Yes, but only once.
No, never.

Question 8/10
Who are you in your friend group?
The leader
The emotional one
The rebel
The optimistic one

Question 9/10
In general, when do you show up for scheduled dates and appointments?
Right on time

Question 10/10
How many passwords do you have for your online accounts?
One, with slight variations
Many - I remember them by writing them down somewhere.
Many - I memorize them all!
You rarely forget anything, and you're very proud of it. You have the memory of an elephant - they're supposedly known to have very good memories! You are only 8% forgetful!

8% Forgetful
You forget things on rare occasions, and when this happens, it's because they are dates/people/facts from awhile back. You usually have a very good memory! You are 31% forgetful.

31% Forgetful
You forget things only half the time, which isn't so bad! You've come up with great strategies to help you remember important things - keeping calendars, always having your keys in the same place, etc. You're 50% forgetful!

50% Forgetful
You are quite forgetful. It's okay though - it's not that you actively don't want to remember things, it's just that things slip your mind a bit more easily than they do for other people! You are 73% forgetful.

73% Forgetful
From your best friend's birthday to where you put your keys in your house, you seem to forget quite a bit! Maybe you should look into memory-enhancing techniques or start keeping a running list of reminders? You are 82% forgetful.

82% Forgetful